Atlantic Canadian Tourism Partnership (ACTP)

ACTP is a nine member pan-Atlantic partnership comprised of the four provincial tourism industry associations and the four provincial departments responsible for tourism in Atlantic Canada.

The Partnership is a forum for regional tourism sector collaboration and is founded on the principle that more can be gained through combined efforts and a common marketing strategy. ACTP enables the partners to pool their resources and increase their visibility in key and emerging markets that, in most cases, the provinces would not have the resources to undertake on their own.

The three-year $19.95 million international marketing partnership is dedicated to the promotion of Atlantic Canada as a leisure travel destination in key international markets in the United States and the United Kingdom. Since its inception, ACTP has produced significant positive impact on tourism visitation and revenue in Atlantic Canada, generating an average $14.71 return on investment for every dollar spent in direct to consumer campaigns.

ACTP’s fully integrated marketing strategies, which include consumer, travel trade and media relations are research driven. ACTP provides efficient access to valuable market intelligence to the industry on its research webpage. Research provides the activity profiles and trip-planning habits of prospective visitors to the region, media that are ranked highest in consumption by our target lifestyle segments, and market conditions and opportunities. In addition to the benefit of accessing valuable research, the industry is actively engaged in ACTP activities by hosting journalists on press visits and travellers to the region as a direct result of ACTP’s travel trade joint marketing partnerships and direct to consumer campaigns.