Core Business Areas

Tourism Nova Scotia has three main business areas:

  • Marketing
  • Sector Development
  • Corporate Services


As Nova Scotia’s tourism brand steward and chief marketer for the destination, Tourism Nova Scotia’s marketing team is focused on attracting visitors from markets of highest return. The team focuses on consumer and trade channels to develop new markets and generate measurable, incremental visitation and revenue growth.

In addition to working with industry to showcase world class experiences that will motivate travel to Nova Scotia, the marketing team also works with Destination Canada, the Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership and other partners to extend Nova Scotia’s marketing reach.

Sector Development

The Sector Development business area is focused on building the competitiveness of Nova Scotia as a tourism destination by working with private sector, sector partners, communities and government. Work is focused on research insights, business and experience development.

Tourism Business Development
The Business Development team works with new and existing tourism operators to identify compelling business opportunities and provide coaching aligned with our target markets, based on research and market intelligence. Business development works with sector associations and partners on industry development activities that enhance the market readiness and quality provided by our tourism businesses and entrepreneurs, and administers the licensing and inspection of businesses under the Tourist Accommodation Act. The team also collaborates with other agencies and key stakeholders to identify existing and potential investment tourism opportunities which will attract inward investment.

Experience Development
The Experience Development team provides expertise and resources to operators, partners and destinations on developing and enhancing world class experiences that appeal to our target segments. Opportunities are identified by working directly with tourism operators and businesses to develop and deliver purchasable, market-ready experiences with potential to motivate travel from high-yield markets. Experience development provides product and experience insights to Tourism Nova Scotia’s various marketing and sales channels.

The Experience development team is focused on the development of new world class experiences primarily in partnership with private sector. Strong emphasis is placed on using market research and insights to initiate and influence development.

Research Services
The Research Services team oversees the use of Destination Canada’s Explorer Quotient, a travel-values based segmentation model and provides insights to support informed decision making by Tourism Nova Scotia, industry and government. Key research initiatives include the Nova Scotia Tourism Brand Health Monitor and the Nova Scotia Visitor Exit Survey. The team also manages the Nova Scotia Tourism Online Advisory Panel, a pool of visitors and possible visitors that have agreed to provide feedback to Tourism Nova Scotia via online surveys.

The Research Services team develops various tourism performance indicators, including visitation estimates, accommodations estimates, and tourism revenue estimates, and develops and administers evaluation frameworks to ensure effective and accountable programming. Tourism Research reports monthly tourism statistics via Tourism Nova Scotia’s website as well as InTouch.

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services business area is responsible for the efficient operation of Tourism NS, including responsibility for finance, corporate communications, human resources, strategic planning, policy direction, corporate risk functions and accountability reporting. Corporate services is also responsible for visitor services, including the contact centre and distribution services.

Visitor Services
The Visitor Services team plays a key role in the overall tourism strategy, personifying the tourism brand. They are the frontline representatives for Tourism Nova Scotia, working directly with tourism industry operators and visitors. On a daily basis they recommend the memorable products and experiences that will inspire people to enjoy the best of our beautiful province again and again. The team provides expert knowledge and friendly, personalized service to give our visitors the most incredible and memorable experience of Nova Scotia.

The Visitor Services section of Tourism Nova Scotia is responsible for the six provincial visitor information centres, the Tourism Contact Centre where travel counsellors interact with potential visitors both online and over the phone, as well as the Distribution Centre where staff are responsible for shipping travel guides and industry brochures to VICs across the province.