Digital Marketing

Tourism Nova Scotia has launched an exciting new approach to how we re-introduce Nova Scotia to the world. Based on a robust research and discovery phase, it will influence how we communicate, interact and engage with our audience.

As part of a fully integrated communications plan, digital will play a critical role in the plan’s success. It will support the wider marketing plan priorities, and will connect seamlessly and consistently with the big idea we are communicating. It will also serve to help us move with the visitor as we help nudge them along the visitor decision journey. As our potential traveler moves along the decision cycle, their emotional state, motivations and informational needs will shift and progress. We need to match their needs as they move along the cycle, with our digital approach adapting along the way as we involve them in the conversation.

Our digital strategy will continue to broaden Nova Scotia’s digital footprint using defined pathways that take visitors on a journey from initial intrigue, interaction and engagement as they travel from desire to decision to brand influencer. Once on the journey, we will use defined measures to evaluate, educate and evolve our approach to digital using real-time results and aligning them with desired outcomes.