Doers & Dreamers Travel Guide

The Doers & Dreamers Guide, and its French sister publication Du rêve à l’aventure, are the flagship fulfillment publications for all of Nova Scotia’s tourism marketing programs.

The 2016 Doers & Dreamers Travel Guide is available for order. Click here to find out how to order your copies or access a digital version here

Stay tuned to upcoming editions of inTouch for more information about advertising opportunities for 2017.


To be eligible to participate in Tourism partnership programs, such as the Doers and Dreamers Travel Guide and, operators of accommodation properties must:

  • participate in one of three currently recognized Quality Accommodation Programs: NS Approved, Canada Select/Camping Select or CAA; 

  • submit an annual Tourist Accommodation License application with full payment;

  • submit monthly occupancy reports.

For more information, please contact Meaghan Giffin at (902) 798-6896 or

Important changes to the Doers & Dreamers Guide advertising program:

New for 2016

Operators now have the opportunity to promote their business online through our e-newsletter, sponsored and featured listings, and promoted packages on Limited space is available for these opportunities, details are available in the Doers & Dreamers rate card.

Introduction of digital ad sales

Operators have praised for its design, layout, and quality of information provided. They have also told us that online advertising represents the largest single expense of most operators’ marketing budgets. As more travellers plan their trips online and continues to yield high numbers of visits we recognize the importance of providing operators with new digital promotional opportunities.

Introduction of basic and enhanced listings

As a by-product of producing a more streamlined, portable travel guide, all operators received a free basic listing in the guide. For those operators who wished for an expanded presence, enhanced listings were available for purchase for $150 + HST for the English guide and $100 + HST for the French guide.

Some key questions you may have regarding the changes:

Q: Why did you make the guide smaller?
A: Research showed us that visitors and tourism operator needs were changing. The Doers& Dreamers Guide was redesigned to provide all the planning and information visitors need, and to become more self-sustainable.

Q: What do you mean when you say the guide is self-sustainable?
A: Advertising covers the cost of producing the guide. By meeting the changing needs of tourism operators, we are now able to better align budgets to maximize the dollars spent to attract first-time visitors.

Q: I’m an accommodation or campground operator, will my Canada Select or CAA ratings and pet policy be printed if I only have a basic listing?
A: Yes, your star/diamond rating, whether you are a member of the Nova Scotia Approved program and your pet policy has been printed.

Q: Will the listings still continue to be organized by region?
A: Yes, listings will continue to be organized by region.

Q: Will there be a fee for my operator listing on
A: No, your listing on remains free.

Q: Why charge operators for a listing that has traditionally been free?
A: Operator listings have traditionally used the most pages of any element in the travel guide. As part of streamlining and working towards a self-sustaining guide tough decisions were made to reduce the footprint of these listings. listings continue to remain at no charge to operators and allow you to showcase your business with a lengthy description, photos and links that would not be possible in the guide. Visitors continue to utilize the web for their trip planning; be sure you are taking advantage of all promotional elements of your listing.

Q: How do I add more information to my listing?
A: You can make additions or edits to your at any time throughout the year by contacting Natalie Van Dusen at or (902) 798-6921.

Q: Why are Festivals & Events not all listed?
A: Research has also told us that community-based events are not travel motivators for our target audiences nor do they comprise a significant portion of trip itineraries once visitors arrive in the province. However, there is still an opportunity to promote your event on by uploading your event through Partner Portal (

Q: I don’t have an operator listing at all, how do I get one?
A: Please contact Meaghan Giffin, contact information below to request an application form.

Q: Who do I contact if I have further questions?
A: Please contact Meaghan Giffin, Marketing Supervisor at or at (902) 798-6896