Experience Development

Travel is not just about where you’ve been anymore – it’s about what you did while you were there, how it made you feel, the people you met while you were there, and the memories you took home. A product is what you buy; an experience is what you remember. 

Through crafted experiential tourism opportunities, experiences provide our visitors unique, entertaining, and/or educational activities that make it possible for them to have a personal connection to Nova Scotia and its people. It's about visitors becoming active participants, where they can try a new skill, learn about who we are or how we live, or challenge themselves. It is about meeting the locals – the fishermen, farmers, chefs, artisans, guides, musicians, storytellers, and all of those people in our communities across the province that have a special skill to share or an interesting story to tell and who help make Nova Scotia a great place to live and visit.

To develop your own experience, please review our award-winning resource, Experience Nova Scotia: A Toolkit, enter your information in our Partner Portal, or explore our other resources, listed below.