Nova Scotia Tourism Performance

Past and present reports of key tourism performance indicators in Nova Scotia, including:

October 2016 Visitation Statistics

Nova Scotia Visitation

October 2016 tourism visitation statistics are now available.

Overall non-resident visitation to Nova Scotia has increased by 6% compared with October 2015. October saw significant growth in visitation by air (+14%), with more moderate growth in visitation by road (+2%).

Year-to-date October 2016, non-resident visitation to Nova Scotia is up by 8% compared with 2015, with increases in visitation by both road (+7%), and air (+10%).

By origin, the largest increases in visitation year-to-date are from Atlantic Canada (+55,000 visitors), Ontario (+50,000 visitors), and Western Canada (+12,000 visitors). Visitation from the US has increased by 28,000 visitors, while International visitation has increased by 1,000 visitors against strong growth last year.

Nova Scotia Accommodations

Accommodation activity includes Nova Scotians and people travelling for reasons other than tourism. In October 2016, room nights sold of 234,000 are up 2% compared with October 2015. The occupancy rate increased by 2 percentage points to 56%. Growth in room nights sold varied across the province.

Region October 2016
Room Nights Sold
% Change vs. 2015
Halifax 112,000      -2%
South Shore   17,000     - %
Eastern Shore     2,000       -2%
Cape Breton Island  53,000    +24%
Northumberland Shore  17,000    +3%
Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley  28,000     -3%
Yarmouth & Acadian Shores  5,000    -26%













Year-to-date, room nights sold in Nova Scotia of 2,332,000 have increased by 4% compared with the same period in 2015. The Halifax region is up 1% to 1,201,000 room nights sold, while outside of Halifax, room nights sold are up 6% to 1,131,000 room nights sold.

As part of its commitment to report on the tourism industry’s progress towards meeting the $4 billion in tourism revenues by 2024 goal, Tourism Nova Scotia is pleased to introduce a new indicator starting in January 2016: an estimate of overall tourism revenues. This indicator estimates total tourism revenues from all aspects of tourism in Nova Scotia, including revenues associated with both non-resident and resident visitation. Each month, Tourism Nova Scotia will provide an estimate of tourism revenues for that month, as well as year-to-date tourism revenues. Once we have a full year of reporting of this measure, we will provide year-over-year comparisons.

Tourism revenues for October, 2016 are estimated to be $231 million, bringing year-to-date October tourism revenues to $2,229 million. Based on year-to-date 2016 performance, we might expect tourism revenues for the year to be approximately $2.6 billion, up from the preliminary estimate of $2.5 billion for 2015.

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