Tourism Destination Research

Up-to-date and reliable information is vital to staying competitive in the tourism industry. A variety of tourism research is undertaken by the NSTA each year. Studies by other groups such as the Canadian Tourism Commission and the Canadian Tourism Research Institute are also conducted.

Other up-to-date industry activity information can be found at:

There are various types of research that can assist you in identifying strategic needs for your Tourism Destination Area (TDA). These include:

  • Product Development Research
    Identifies new/potential tourism products, and assesses/evaluates demand by market for existing products. Matches products with markets, establishes products with a competitive strength, improves current products, and tailors products to markets.
  • Market Intelligence Research
    Determines how various markets 'feel' about your product and identifies market specific travel motivators. Provides consumer and market place insights to identify both opportunities and challenges for your TDA. ex. TAMS.
  • Creative Development Research
    Determines potential refinements prior to developing final ad concepts and gathering input for future campaigns. The result are ad campaigns tailored to a specific market and a polished finished product.
  • Performance Research
    Provides a broad measurement of how your TDA is performing on a variety of criteria over time. May include economic impact, visitation, room nights sold and attendance.
  • Program Evaluation Research
    Monitors and evaluates major activities to determine cost effectiveness, economic impact and satisfaction levels. Quantitative measurement of specific programs that determine what works and how well. ex. TEIM