Tourism Reservations

Tourism Nova Scotia ended the use of Check-in Nova Scotia and implemented the reservation system on To help you get the answers you need regarding the changes, please find a list of frequently asked questions and answers below.

For information on how to join, please go to or contact our general line at 1-866-492-3245.

Book now button

We’ve been speaking to operators from around the province about the change, and received some good suggestions to help ensure a good transition to the new system. As a result, we’re making a new option available. Tourism operators with their own secure booking engine can choose to have the book now button on their listing link directly to their own system.

f you are interested in having your book now button link to your own booking engine instead of, please email the name of your business and the URL that will take someone to your secure booking engine to  We will make the required change and send you an email confirmation. 

If you have any questions about your book now button on please contact Natalie Van Dusen at or 902-798-6921.

Frequently asked questions about

Can you briefly explain the process of becoming a member?
Properties can go to and follow the steps to register.  This process takes between 25 to 40 minutes.  After registering, a representative from will contact the property within 48 hours.

What are the normal timelines from setup to activation?
Timelines can vary from property to property, but assuming that the registration is completed, photos are loaded, and training is completed, we could have the property activated within 24 hours after training is completed.

How does the inventory work and how can operators work with on blocks/release dates?
The properties have full control of their rates and availability 24 hours a day.

What happens if an operator sells a room that is allocated to
An operator can sell the room they have allocated to, they just have to update the inventory on our system to reflect the accurate number of rooms the property wishes to sell through

What if an operator sells a room in the inventory and it’s also been sold on What is the operator responsible for?
If there is an over booking situation, we need to ensure the guest is taken care of.  Ultimately the property is responsible for relocating the guest.  Our 24 hour customer service is available to help relocate the guest as well.  An overbooking is something that should be avoided at all times.  That is why the property controls how many rooms they wish to sell, as they know what is available and when they have a room to sell.

What is the method that an operator will receive notice that has made a reservation at my property? How quickly will notice be provided?
We can provide the booking information via fax or email.  I suggest email because it has a secure link to the credit card that can be viewed a maximum of 3 times up to 10 days after the reservation is booked. only charges a commission after a guest checks out.  What is the billing cycle with
Properties are invoiced for all stayed bookings that check out from the first of the month, until the end of the month. Invoices are generated on the 6th of every month and payable 14 days later.  I suggest signing up for auto pay because it gives you up until the last day until funds are taken from the account.  It is our most popular method globally.

Is there a contact number I can call for assistance once I’m a member?
We have a 24-hour dedicated l-800 customer service line and online extranet inbox for any property that might need assistance. For support in English call 1-866-492-3245. For support in French call 1-866-493-3497.

Can you explain the benefits of the widget available on operator websites? can supply a booking engine on the property’s website for free.  This booking engine will have 0% commission on bookings that come through their own webpage.  The booking engine comes with all the benefits that you get from working with, except there won’t be a commission on those bookings.  You webpage would be translated into 41 languages and will give the properties a global online presence.

What is's relationship with Trip Advisor? has thousands of affiliates and Trip Advisor is one of them.  Trip Advisor is a different company than, but working with allows you to be bookable on Trip Advisor. 

What’s next for is an innovative company that is constantly looking for ways to enhance the user experience. is investing in mobile as more consumers book last-minute travel from smartphones and as users opt for tablets over personal computers. Specifically related to Atlantic Canada, values having local account managers to build great partnerships with all types of properties.