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Peggys Cove Lighthouse at sunrise.

Advertising Campaigns

Tourism Nova Scotia’s marketing strategy for 2020 is focused on driving as much tourism recovery as possible following the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve shifted our focus to regional markets that currently have access to the province and will continue to expand marketing efforts as other key markets reopen.

Rediscover Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia Campaign)

Rediscover Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia Campaign)

Tourism Nova Scotia has launched a new marketing campaign encouraging Nova Scotians to explore the province and support local tourism businesses. 

The Rediscover Nova Scotia campaign is focused on helping Nova Scotians visualize the incredible things they can do on a Nova Scotia vacation by highlighting Nova Scotia’s unique places and experiences.

See the presentation from our 2020 Campaign Launch.


The Rediscover Nova Scotia campaign launched with a video featuring a rendition of "Somewhere over the rainbow" by Mahone Bay's Jennah Barry. The video began airing on television on June 25 and also appeared online. A thirty second version followed later in the campaign, in addition to 15 second videos featuring a range of activities. Watch the playlist below to see some of the 15 second videos.


Launch Billboards

Group on the beach under the starry sky. Rediscover Nova Scotia.

Two whales. Rediscover Nova Scotia.

Cape Breton Highlands in the fall. Rediscover Nova Scotia.

A surfer on the beach. Rediscover Nova Scotia.

Other Tactics

The campaign will showcase the range of places and experiences available right here at home through radio, digital and transit shelter advertisements.


Three Tourism Nova Scotia ads featuring wineries and lobster shown on mobile phones.

Ads featuring golf on mobile phones.


Rediscover Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia Fall Campaign)

Tourism Nova Scotia launched a fall campaign to encourage Nova Scotians to continue to Rediscover Nova Scotia. The fall TV spot features dramatic fall colours, delicious fall foods, and exciting adventures - set to a brand-new cover of the much-loved song “What A Wonderful World” performed by artist Reeny Smith, who hails from North Preston, Nova Scotia.

The campaign included television and radio ads, billboards, digital banner ads and videos, search marketing and social media tactics that feature photos and videos created in partnership with local operators. Ads directed people to where they can discover more than 200 travel packages offered by Nova Scotia businesses.


Summer's over. Darn. Rediscover Nova Scotia. Cape Breton Highlands.

We've repainted. Rediscover Nova Scotia. Lunenburg waterfront.

Summer's over. Darn. Rediscover Nova Scotia. Trout Point Lodge.

We’re Open (Maritime Campaign Part 1)

As Nova Scotia reopened its borders to our Maritime neighbours, Tourism Nova Scotia launched the next phase of the 2020 marketing campaign to announce that Nova Scotia is open for business.

Launch Video

The We’re Open video began airing in television ads in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island in early July.

Launch Billboards

Advertisements were seen on billboards in New Brunswick and transit shelters on PEI.

We're Open

Do More (Maritime Campaign Part 2)

Nova Scotia has a lot in common with New Brunswick and PEI. We share a culture and a coastline. But Nova Scotia stands apart in terms of the variety and the volume of things to do. In the second part of the Maritimes campaign, we invited our neighbours to Do More in Nova Scotia. The Do More campaign began approximately two weeks following the start of the We’re Open campaign.


Video advertisements aired on CBC, CTV, and Global.

Other Tactics

The Do More campaign included online, radio and video advertisements highlighting the exciting places and experiences Nova Scotia offers.

Do More (Maritime Fall Campaign)

Tourism Nova Scotia launched fresh Do More ads in September to encourage Martimers to keep exploring Nova Scotia throughout the fall.

The campaigns included television and radio ads, billboards, digital banner ads and videos, search marketing and social media tactics that feature photos and videos created in partnership with local operators. Ads directed people to where they can discover more than 200 travel packages offered by Nova Scotia businesses.

This fall inspiration meets adventure. Do More in Nova Scotia.

Book packages full of fall adventure. Do More in Nova Scotia.

Ultimate Nova Scotia Road Trip Contest

The Ultimate Nova Scotia Road Trip contest invited people to post photos of themselves enjoying one, or as many possible, of 25 quintessential Nova Scotia activities – from whale watching to indulging in a late night donair – for a chance to win an incredible local getaway.

To enter the contest, participants posted photos on Facebook or Instagram of themselves enjoying activities featured on the contest scorecard and include the hashtags #NSRoadTrip and #NovaScotiaNice. For each photo posted to social media using the hashtags, participants were entered to win the ultimate prize: a personalized trip including 6 nights/7 days anywhere in the province (as listed on The more activities people took part in, the more chances they had to win.

The contest offered both inspiration and incentive for people to plan a late-summer or early-fall staycation. It was promoted through digital billboards in Halifax, Dartmouth, and Sydney; YouTube video ads, digital display ads on Google Display Network, TV ads, and social media influencer engagement.

2021 Winter Marketing Campaign

Tourism Nova Scotia is staging a "Wintervention" and encouraging people to take back their winter with enticing staycations and packages.

The winter marketing campaign aims to get people out of the house to enjoy winter activities, shopping, dining, and cozy accommodations. Nova Scotians will see television ads, billboards, digital video and display ads, and social media ads directing them to a campaign landing page featuring winter getaways and packages. The campaign was launched in mid-February and is now paused to align with current direction from Nova Scotia public health. We will continue to adjust marketing plans based on public health advice.

Visit the campaign landing page at

Campaign Launch Video

Digital Billboards

People in a boutique shop wearing masks. Text says: Explore local shops and boutiques. Nova Scotia Wintervention.

A man and woman walking on a beach in front of a resort dressed for cold weather. Text says: Book your hotel winter getaway. Nova Scotia Wintervention.

Group of people gathered around a fire near the beach. Text says: Escape to the coast. Nova Scotia Wintervention.

Group dining at an oceanfront restaurant. Text says: Enjoy oceanside dining. Nova Scotia Wintervention


Get Involved - Industry Marketing Tools

The 2020 Marketing Toolkit can help your region or business embrace these campaigns to help make them bigger and better. Incorporate the logos in your marketing materials, use the campaign hashtags, and update your business and package listings on to align your marketing efforts with the provincial campaigns.

Rediscover Nova Scotia Logo     

Please note, TNS is no longer running We’re Open as of September 1, 2020. If you questions or are looking for other campaign assets, please reach out to Dana Edgar at

Tourism Nova Scotia is working with our marketing agency of record, Destination Canada, and Google to ensure we have the appropriate insights to help us identify the right time to go into the right markets with the right message. We will share information about campaigns in other markets as they reopen.