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Compelling Tourism Communities: Emerging Winter Destination Pilot Program

Collaborate with Tourism Nova Scotia (TNS) to define and feature top reasons for travellers to visit your community this winter! 

We will work with up to four partners through this pilot program to help position their community’s most compelling winter tourism products, such as attractions, food and drink, events, accommodations, packages and experiences, and increase awareness with regional travellers. 

Selected partners will benefit from:

  • Coaching and tools to identify your most compelling travel product and differentiators
  • Target market research insights for Nova Scotia and Maritime travellers
  • Increased profile, including influencer visit coordinated by TNS to generate new photos and feature your community’s most compelling winter tourism products in our channels.

How the Pilot Program Works

TNS is strategically reaching out to communities with emerging winter product clusters and partners demonstrating efforts to build tourism. The program will not accept applications in the pilot year. 

Potential partners for the pilot program include municipalities and chambers of commerce. Partner opportunities are considered based on the community’s ability to host, community leadership for tourism opportunities, the availability of compelling and differentiating winter tourism product, as well as online resources for visitors to plan a trip to the community. 

Partners will be using new community tourism destination tools and resources that TNS is developing and share feedback that will help inform future programming.


Program Contact

For more information about the program, please contact:
Erin Hume, Tourism Development Advisor,