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Lighthouse overlooking the Bay of Fundy near Digby.

Fixed Roof Construction Requirements

Inspection and Licensing

Plans and specifications for the construction of accommodation must comply with the National Building Code/Nova Scotia Building Code, Fire Marshal and the requirements of the Tourist Accommodations Act and Regulations. Before starting to build, plans and specifications must be submitted to Tourism Nova Scotia, Quality Assurance. 

Once the plans have been approved by all Government Agencies and Departments, construction can proceed, but no changes or substitutions of materials should be made during construction without approval. Periodic inspections may be made during construction by an Agency or Department. 

Plans Required: 

The following drawings should be submitted: 

1. A plan of the property, showing dimensions, north point, location of nearest highway, road or street, location of sewer or septic tank if used, location of water supply, location of other buildings on the property, details of walks and driveways, location of proposed buildings and landscaping.

2. Complete floor plans of the building showing room dimensions, location of all partitions, doors and windows, layout of furniture, location of electric fixtures, plumbing fixtures, all heating units, fireplaces and flues and location of furnace room, if applicable. 

3. Scaled drawings of the front, rear and one side of the building, showing doors and windows, footings and materials.