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Argyler Lodge

Pre-Licence Checklist

Inspection and Licensing

Check the boxes as you complete the steps and include this checklist with your application and other required documents when you feel your accommodation is ready for an inspection. Failure to provide any of the documents will delay the process.

Construction or renovations of a proposed fixed roof accommodation or campground must be approved by Tourism Nova Scotia before work begins. This includes site layout with room dimensions such as bedroom(s), bathroom(s), and living room/common areas. Furniture layout and specifics pertaining to a barrier-free accommodation are also required. For campgrounds, site locations and sizes, washroom buildings and common buildings.Please forward to Nick Fry, Acting Manager of Business Development at to review these plans prior to commencement.
2 Completed licence application form with appropriate licence fee made payable to the Minister of Finance by cheque, money order, cash or credit card.
3 Copy of business name certificate from the Registry of Joint Stocks Company. This is the advertised business name and not a limited company name or number.

Contact your local Municipal Office/Development Officer for the following required approval letters/documents:
Zoning approval letter _________ (even if there is “no” zoning) 

Development permit _________

Occupancy permit _________

Building permit __________

Change of use permit ________

Sign Permit ____________

5 Copy of approval from the Office of the Fire Marshal or Municipal Fire Inspector/Building Inspector, if applicable.
6 Copy of approval from the Department of Environment re septic/sewer system, if applicable.
7 If you have an indoor or outdoor swimming pool or an indoor/outdoor whirlpool for guest use, you must perform due diligence regarding guest safety. You must be aware of and practice the contents of The Guidelines for Swimming Pools developed by the Department of Health and Wellness(1987) including keeping a log book that tracts daily water testing. All design and construction must be in accordance with the National Building Code and Municipal By-laws. Please consult with the Department of Health and Wellness and your local Building Inspector.

Failure to provide any of the documents will delay the inspection and licensing process. 

Approval from Tourism Nova Scotia does not preclude approval for other authorities that may have jurisdiction. Other documentation may be required to accompany the license application.