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Dining on the Ocean Floor, Burntcoat Head, Nova Scotia

List Your Experience

Experiences help set Nova Scotia apart and create memorable vacations that keep visitors coming back. An experience connects visitors with locals to learn something by doing something with someone who lives here. Nova Scotia tourism operators may be eligible to list experiences for free on

Experiences must meet all package criteria, and strive to meet the following:

  • Be well-themed – connecting to one or more of the tourism target markets (Authentic Experiencer, Cultural Explorer & Free Spirit), with a title that reflects the theme, and aligning with the Nova Scotia Tourism Brand;
  • Be well-planned and tested;
  • Engage the visitor through hands-on activities which allow them to become an active participant in the activity, not just an observer, and provide them with exclusive or behind-the-scenes access to the experience;
  • Involve qualified guides and/or local experts to enhance the delivery of the experience and provide an opportunity for the visitor to interact with locals;
  • Use assets and resources that are unique to Nova Scotia, the community or business;
  • Engage as many of the five senses as possible;
  • Provide added value – Experiences deliver high-quality service and have an element of surprise;
  • Integrate a local element (food, music, etc.) in experience delivery where possible, which can add to the WOW of the experience; where possible offer a takeaway for the visitor, such as a handmade souvenir;
  • Meet all federal, provincial, or municipal regulations and business requirements (such as insurance), where applicable;
  • Be available a minimum of 4 times throughout the year;
  • For enhanced cross-promotion, all experiences featured as ‘Canadian Signature Experiences’ by Destination Canada are also eligible to be listed in the Experience Collection.

Tourism Nova Scotia specifically targets three Explorer Quotient market segments: Authentic Experiencers, Cultural Explorers, and Free Spirits. We encourage you to align your experiences with the interests of these travellers. Several Tourism Nova Scotia staff have attained Explorer Quotient Associate Trainer status.  For more information on this traveller values-based segmentation, contact our experience development team.

For more information on Tourism Nova Scotia’s EQ target segments, click on the presentations below.

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