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Attraction Signage

Major Tourist Attraction Signage

Tourism Nova Scotia receives and reviews applications for Major Tourist Attraction signage, and issues approves for eligible attractions to proceed with obtaining signage through the NS Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.

These long, blue and white rectangular signs help visitors and travellers locate the attractions they’ve put on their must-see list during research on or in the Doers & Dreamers Travel Guide, or through other marketing efforts.

To be eligible for this program your business’s primary purpose must be to offer visitors one or more of the following types of activities:

  • Cultural / Heritage Attractions: Education or entertainment of visitors through the display and interpretation of culture and heritage.
  • Nature-Based Attractions: Areas of significant natural, environmental or aesthetic interest or facilities exhibiting and interpreting this.
  • Themed Attractions: Educational or interactive experiences based on one central theme.
  • Outdoor facilities offering a visitor experience
  • National Parks and National Historic Sites
  • Provincial Parks, The Family of Provincial Museums

A tourist attraction is a market-ready facility or site that has a primary purpose to deliver a defined visitor experience within the areas of culture, history, culinary, entertainment, education, science, natural wonders or the environment, where a core business component is to serve people from outside the local area (at least 80 km away) and motivate travel to their area.

There are additional specific qualifying criteria as outlined in the guidelines. All costs are borne by the operator of the attraction.

Festival and Event Tag Signage

Major festivals or events can apply for signage to be placed under the community identity sign for their community. Contact us to see if your event qualifies.

For information on other provincial highway signage opportunities, visit the Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal website.

Tourism Nova Scotia has established a standard to provide an approval decision within 5 working days of an application being accepted as complete.

For more details and to discuss your eligibility, please contact:

Jennifer McKeane
Tourism Development Advisor
T: 902-717-3623

For installation status updates on approved signage requests, please contact
Brian Storrie
Highway Signing Engineer
T: 902-424-0330