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Display Brochures in Visitor Information Centres

Nova Scotia tourism operators and tourism-related organizations may be eligible to display brochures, regional travel guides and related literature in provincial visitor information centres (VICs) and community VICs.  Not only do these materials assist in providing information services to visitors, they are also an opportunity to promote your business or region to visitors as they are planning their stay in Nova Scotia.

We encourage businesses and organizations that print brochures and guides to contact Tourism Nova Scotia’s provincial VICs as well as community VICs prior to shipping anything to them, to understand how materials will be used, to determine appropriate quantities, and to arrange delivery.

All travel publications must be free of charge to the public, duty free and shipped to the site prepaid. Collect or COD shipments will not be accepted.

Guidelines for Displaying Literature in Provincial VICs

Who can participate? 

  • Businesses or organizations that deliver a tourism product or service in Nova Scotia are eligible to display brochures in VICs.
  • Tourism operators and organizations must be registered with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Companies. All required licenses, permits and approvals must be in place.
  • Fixed roof accommodations and campgrounds must have a valid Tourist Accommodation License, and must be approved by one of the following recognized quality programs: Nova Scotia Approved, Canada Select, or CAA. Accommodations must meet all listing requirements and be listed on
  • All business listings and advertisements included in regional travel guides must meet the guidelines listed above. Inclusion of even one unlicensed accommodation or campground or other business that does not meet these guidelines may result in the guide not being displayed.

Brochure Requirements

  • Brochures must provide information on Nova Scotia’s tourism products, experiences and services that will assist visitors with their travel planning.
  • Brochures must provide an accurate representation of the product/experience/facility/event.
  • Hand drawn locator maps and photocopied brochures will not be accepted for distribution.
  • Brochures should include the operation’s contact number, website, email, and physical location.
  • Brochures should be bundled in equal lots, and the quantity and business name should be clearly labelled on the box.
  • Tourism Nova Scotia’s brochure racks best handle standardized travel publication styles: folded brochure should not exceed 4” x 9” (10cm x 23 cm). Smaller or larger brochures will not fit in the brochure racks.
  • Recommended paper stock: 80lb cover weight for two sided brochures (rack cards), 80lb text weight paper for folded brochures (e.g. tri-fold).
  • To ensure brochures are easily read, 1.5 spacing for brochure text and high resolution (300 dpi) images are recommended for printing.
  • Positioning the business name prominently on the front top third of your brochure will ensure it is visible in the brochure racks.

Brochures may be displayed on a rotational basis if space at the VIC is limited. Due to the seasonal operation of most VICs, remaining travel publications that contain dated information/events will be recycled at the end of the season, unless the operator or organization chooses to pick them up prior to the VIC closing date.

For questions about displaying brochures in Tourism Nova Scotia’s provincial VICs, please contact April Hannah, Manager of Visitor Services at

NOTE:  If you are interested in displaying your brochures in community VICs, please inquire with community VICs directly, as guidelines and shipping requirements may differ.

Shipping Information for Visitor Information Centres

Frequently Asked Questions About Brochure Distribution at VICs