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Get Detailed Insights on Visitors to Your Business Through 2019 Visitor Exit Survey

Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Nova Scotia Visitor Exit Survey (VES) is a key information source for Tourism Nova Scotia and tourism industry stakeholders. It updates fundamental non-resident visitor characteristics, trip profile and visitor spend information. The VES has been conducted since the 1960’s and will be conducted again in 2019.

New for 2019, there will be the option for tourism industry businesses to participate in the VES. Tourism Nova Scotia will accept up to 10 business operators or groups of businesses from the tourism sector to participate in the 2019 VES.

Participating operators will receive a unique report, prepared by Tourism Nova Scotia, and tabular results that profile the visitors who frequented their establishment.

The report and tables will include information on:

  • Visitor profiles (e.g. market of origin, trip purpose, demographic information)
  • Trip characteristics (e.g. travel party size, travel party composition, number of nights spent in Nova Scotia)
  • Detailed visitor spend information (e.g. amount spent during trip broken down into categories of spend)
  • Accommodations usage (e.g. type of accommodations used throughout the trip)
  • Trip planning information
  • Visitor activities (e.g. outdoor activities, attractions/events, alcohol producer visitation)
  • Where visitors travel throughout Nova Scotia
  • Explorer Quotient segments

The cost to participating operators will be $3,000 per operator.

Participating operators will work with Tourism Nova Scotia to develop a strategy to engage visitors to participate in the survey. There will be the option of distributing survey response cards or providing survey links via email to non-resident visitors.

Data collection for the VES will take place between January and December 2019. The data will then be analysed, with tabular results and individual reports to be provided to participating operators in the summer of 2020.

If you are interested in participating in the operator portion of the VES, please send your name, business name, business type, and phone number to Ian MacInnis, Senior Research Analyst, at no later than January 4, 2019.

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