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Message from the Department of Business – NAFTA

On behalf of Trade Minister Geoff MacLellan, who is also Minister of Business, the Department of Business is sharing with you a brief update on the renegotiation of NAFTA.

Round 4 was recently completed in the United States, with progress in several areas and significant work remaining in others.

Canada’s negotiating team, led by Global Affairs Canada, has been working diligently to advance discussions over the past four rounds.

Negotiators from the Trade Division of Nova Scotia’s Department of Intergovernmental Affairs are attending all rounds, as part of a “Team Canada” approach. They are working to analyze proposals, and to inform and advise federal counterparts on potential impacts and opportunities for our province.

During the fourth round, the U.S. tabled several proposals that Canadian negotiators believe would roll back benefits of the current NAFTA. In some cases, the proposals are inconsistent with the rules of the World Trade Organization.

Nova Scotia is working with federal negotiators to support an outcome that results in a modern and improved agreement, building on the valuable components of NAFTA that have brought benefits to all three partner countries. We are continuing to assess and analyze the impacts of various scenarios, and remain committed to pragmatic solutions that will help Nova Scotia to compete in export trade, and create opportunities and employment in our communities.

Stakeholders are welcome to provide input and submissions directly to federal negotiators by using the Global Affairs Canada NAFTA consultation page. The link is:

For additional information regarding Nova Scotia and NAFTA, please visit:

In addition to the stakeholder outreach being undertaken by Intergovernmental Affairs' Trade Team and provincial departments, through sector leaders and associations, the Nova Scotia team is interested in the views of stakeholders. Those who wish to provide input on NAFTA to the Nova Scotia negotiating team may forward their comments and/or questions to

Stakeholders with questions regarding a specific product or service they are currently exporting to the U.S. and/or Mexico may contact trade division officials via the email above.