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Camping under the stars in Ellenwood Provincial Park

Tourism Performance

January/February 2017 Visitation Statistics

Nova Scotia Visitation

With 194,000 non-resident overnight visitors, visitation to Nova Scotia for January/February 2017 declined by 1% compared with 2016. Visitation by road was unchanged, while visitation by air declined by 3%.

Nova Scotia Accommodations

Accommodation activity includes Nova Scotians and people travelling for reasons other than tourism. In January/February 2017, room nights sold of 238,000 were unchanged from the same period in 2016. The occupancy rate was also unchanged at 39%.

With the exception of Halifax and Northumberland Shores, all regions saw growth in room nights sold during the January/February period.

Region YTD February 2017
Room Nights Sold
% Change vs. 2016
Halifax 150,000 -2%
South Shore 13,000 +3%
Eastern Shore 1,000 +120%
Cape Breton Island 27,000 +7%
Northumberland Shore 16,000 -8%
Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley 25,000 +9%
Yarmouth & Acadian Shores 6,000 +7%

The preliminary estimate of tourism revenues for year-to-date February 2017 is $212 million, up from $210 million in 2016. Based on year-to-date 2017 performance, the preliminary estimate for 2017 tourism revenues is $2.6 billion, unchanged from 2016.

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