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Camping under the stars in Ellenwood Provincial Park

Tourism Performance

Year-end 2016 Visitation Statistics

Nova Scotia Visitation

Year end 2016 tourism visitation statistics are now available.

Overall non-resident visitation to Nova Scotia has increased by 8% compared with 2015. Overall, 2016 saw significant growth in visitation by air (+11%), with more moderate growth in visitation by road (+7%).

By origin, the largest increases in visitation are from Atlantic Canada (+62,000 visitors), Ontario (+56,000 visitors), and Western Canada (+14,000 visitors). Visitation from the US has increased by 28,000 visitors, while International visitation has increased by 1,000 visitors against strong growth last year.

Nova Scotia Accommodations

Accommodation activity includes Nova Scotians and people travelling for reasons other than tourism. In 2016, room nights sold of 2,620,000 are up 4% compared with 2015. The occupancy rate increased by 2 percentage points to 52%. Growth in room nights sold varied across the province.

Region 2016 Room Nights Sold % Change vs. 2015
Halifax 1,379,000 +2%
South Shore 179,000 +4%
Eastern Shore 18,000 +6%
Cape Breton Island 461,000 +16%
Northumberland Shore 194,000 +1%
Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley 322,000 +2%
Yarmouth & Acadian Shores 65,000 -1%

Year-to-date, room nights sold in Nova Scotia of 2,620,000 have increased by 4% compared with 2015. The Halifax region is up 2% to 1,397,000 room nights sold, while outside of Halifax, room nights sold are up 6% to 1,241,000 room nights sold.

The preliminary estimate for 2016 tourism revenues is $2.6 billion.

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