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Accommodations Occupancy Reporting

Tourism Nova Scotia gathers and reports accommodations statistics on behalf of tourism operators. Monthly accommodations occupancy reports provide valuable information on performance and trends within the sector and are important to both industry and government. Accommodation statistics are the best source of geographic data on tourism activity in the province.

To participate in Tourism Nova Scotia’s programs and marketing channels (including the Doers & Dreamers Travel Guide and, all fixed-roof and campground accommodations must submit monthly occupancy reports.

How to submit occupancy reports

Accommodations operators are required to provide an occupancy report within the first seven days of the end of the calendar month for each month the accommodation is operating. For example, if you were open for business in June, you must submit your occupancy reports by July 7.

Online Forms

The following online forms are available for the convenience of accommodation operators and are processed securely.

Printable PDF Forms

If you prefer to download, print, complete by hand, and return your form by fax or mail, the following PDFs are also available.

Please note: All fixed-roof accommodations are required to register with Nova Scotia’s Tourist Accommodations Registry in order to participate in Tourism Nova Scotia’s marketing and partnership programs. For the purposes of tracking accommodations occupancy data in our databases, you must include your current registration number on your Accommodations Occupancy Report forms. Campgrounds who do not offer fixed-roof accommodations and therefore do not have a registration number can provide their previous license number.

Please be assured, individual property information is kept strictly confidential and is not shared with other parties. Occupancy data is only provided in a collective format and no single property’s data is identifiable. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the monthly occupancy reports please email us at or call 902-798-7633.