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Sector Development

Our sector development team is focused on building the competitiveness of Nova Scotia as a tourism destination by strategically working with businesses, sector partners, communities, and government. We put research insights to work to help businesses elevate quality and adapt to meet the needs and wants of travellers. We collaborate on initiatives that raise Nova Scotia’s appeal among travellers, and help communities consider how they can create welcoming destinations.

Through strategic initiatives, we work with government, communities, and sector organizations to create the conditions for sustainable tourism growth and a resilient industry. We collaborate with the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Tourism Human Resource Council, sector associations, and all levels of government on strategic initiatives that benefit the industry as a whole.

Business Development

We offer research, coaching, workshops, webinars, programs, and online guides to help you start or enhance your tourism business.

Experience Development

We work with tourism businesses and organizations to create experiences that help set Nova Scotia apart and motivate travellers to come here on vacation. Experiences are packaged activities that engage visitors and help them learn something about Nova Scotia by doing something with someone who lives here. Our team offers research, coaching, workshops, co-investment programs, and tools to help businesses create compelling experiences that raise their appeal for travellers.