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Tourism Nova Scotia's Strategy

Tourism Nova Scotia (TNS) is responsible for leading sustainable tourism growth and maximizing the value of tourism for the provincial economy.  

Our work is currently guided by these strategic pillars:

  • Foster a competitive, resilient tourism industry
  • Focus on markets of highest opportunity
  • Cultivate compelling experiences throughout the province
  • Inspire tourism pride and confidence

TNS is also focused on supporting Nova Scotia's tourism industry recover from impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and adapt to the evolving travel market.


A thriving tourism industry benefits Nova Scotians through:

  • Growth in the sectors that support the tourism industry (restaurants, accommodations, construction, retail, transportation)
  • Government programs and services supported through the tax revenues generated from tourism activities in Nova Scotia
  • New business investments
  • Promotion of local communities 
  • Education of Nova Scotia’s rich history and culture
  • A wealth of tourism attractions, activities, accommodations and event options for Nova Scotians to enjoy

Tourism Nova Scotia's strategic plan

The Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS) and Tourism Nova Scotia are co-leading the development of a tourism sector strategic plan that will inspire a broader approach to economic growth and quality of life in Nova Scotia.

Visit the Nova Scotia Tourism Sector Strategic Plan for information on the work completed to date and opportunities to provide your input. 

Collaboration and alignment of effort are key to success. That means that all tourism players must rally behind a common goal, and everyone must “own their role.” Following are the roles identified for Nova Scotia tourism industry partners:


  • Close the sale pre-trip and during trip
  • Drive repeat visitation by exceeding visitor expectations
  • Invest in product
  • Deliver world-class experiences


Community is defined as municipalities, destination marketing organizations, and regional tourism industry associations. Community includes all Nova Scotia residents. Personal interactions with Nova Scotians are critical to the visitor experience and influence the desire of visitors to recommend Nova Scotia as a vacation destination and to become repeat visitors. Community roles include:

  • Partner with industry to deliver destination development and marketing
  • Visitor servicing


Consider policies that support tourism growth, including:

  • Community economic development
  • Attraction of inward investment
  • Infrastructure development

Previous Strategic Plans

See the 2018-2023 Tourism Nova Scotia Corporate Strategic Plan – Driving Export Growth.