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Advertising Campaigns

As travel begins to resume through the summer of 2021, Tourism Nova Scotia is ready with marketing campaigns to encourage as much tourism activity as safely possible. Campaigns will roll out as public health restrictions ease and travel demand grows. 

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Tourism Nova Scotia is working with our marketing agency of record, m5 Marketing Communications, Destination Canada, and Google to ensure we have the appropriate insights to help us identify the right time to go into the right markets with the right message. We are following the advice of public health officials and will continue to share marketing updates as we move forward.

Rediscover Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia Campaign video)

The Rediscover campaign video builds pride of place by using a voice over to celebrate the Nova Scotians who stick close to 'Home,' while showcasing breathtaking visuals of the experiences found in Nova Scotia.  

The ads drive interest by reassuring Nova Scotians that sticking close to home this summer and fall is not because they are unadventurous, but that they simply understand that home is more than a house, it is an entire province and it’s always been here, waiting to be re-discovered. 

Rediscover Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia billboards and digital ads)

The Rediscover Nova Scotia campaign focused on helping Nova Scotians visualize the incredible things they can do on a Nova Scotia vacation by highlighting Nova Scotia’s unique places and experiences. The campaign showcases the range of places to go and experiences available right here at home through radio, digital, social media, billboards and paid search.

The Rediscover Nova Scotia campaign will run until the end of October, with fresh imagery for fall. The Wintervention campaign will return to keep people exploring during the colder months.


Image of people sitting on chairs by the Halifax waterfront as a sailboat passes. Text reads: Is there a better backyard view?

Two people in kayaks in front of a lighthouse. Text reads: For those adventurous stay at home types.

Story board of Rediscover Nova Scotia Digital Ad with images of Cabot Trail, a beach, and cycling along the shore.

Rediscover Nova Scotia (Fall)

Fresh fall ads began running the week of September 6 to remind Nova Scotians that fall is a perfect road trip season! The Rediscover Nova Scotia campaign runs within Nova Scotia until the end of October and includes digital (video, audio, display), search, out-of-home, and social media ads, as well as a sponsored content program with Saltwire

Do More in Nova Scotia (Atlantic Canada) Video

The Do More in Nova Scotia campaign reminds Atlantic Canadians that there is still so much more to do in Nova Scotia. You're going to need more than one trip! The campaign launched the week of June 15 and will run year-round.

Do More in Nova Scotia (Atlantic Canada)

Nova Scotia has a lot in common with our Atlantic neighbours. But Nova Scotia stands apart in terms of the variety and the volume of things to do. The Do More in Nova Scotia campaign will run year-round in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, reminding our neighbours about all of the incredible experiences available in Nova Scotia in all seasons.

The campaign will include TV, digital video, radio, social media, billboards, display ads, and paid search.

Image of jet skis in Halifax Harbour. Text reads: Waterfront meet waterpark.

Couple dining in geodesic dome. Text reads: Best date night ever.  Three women in a vineyard. Text reads: Napa doesn't even have donairs.  Women in a hot tub. Text reads: Bliss. That's all we really need to say.

Do More in Nova Scotia (Canada) Video

From classic experiences like whale watching and driving the iconic Cabot Trail, to unexpected delights like tidal bore rafting—the Do More in Nova Scotia campaign shows this province is full of so many exciting and unique adventures that will make a trip truly unforgettable.

Do More in Nova Scotia (Canada)

Tourism Nova Scotia launched a Do More in Nova Scotia campaign in other parts of Canada, with a focus on Ontario and Quebec as proximity will be an important consideration for travel in 2021. The campaign highlights iconic Nova Scotia attractions that set the province apart from other Maritime destinations, and showcases the wide variety of things to see and do while on vacation here.

The campaign launched the week of June 28 and includes TV, digital video, social media, billboards, display ads, and paid search. 

Story board of Do More in Nova Scotia digital ad. Images feature people kayaking, tidal bore rafting, and wave hopping at the beach. Text reads: Even the best laid plans are no match for the unplanned.

Image of two whales from above. Text reads: It's really more whale gawking than whale watching.

Image of a sandy beach with turquoise water. Text reads: Birthplace of the phrase picture perfect.

Image of the road winding between the coastline and the mountains in Cape Breton Highlands. Text reads: Even your car wants to go.

Do More in Nova Scotia (Northeastern United States)

Tourism Nova Scotia launched an advertising campaign in the Northeastern United States the week of August 9. The campaign includes TV, digital display and video, social media ads, and search. The campaign runs until the end of September to encourage late summer and early fall trips. The Do More in Nova Scotia creative highlights the many unique experiences Nova Scotia offers from world-class culinary and wines to outdoor adventure and marine life viewing and more.

Here are some examples of digital display ads.

Six square images: blue box with text that reads Nova Scotia isn't a place you go; image of a woman and dog walking on a beach at sunset; blue box with text that reads It's a place you experience; aerial image of two whales; image of a man and woman cracking lobster at a table in a vineyard; blue box with text Do More in Nova Scotia Canada.

Grid of five square images: blue box with text that reads plan your Nova Scotia experience; image of Quarterdeck resort lodge on the beach; image of a man and woman eating at a table on a balcony overlooking a harbour filled with sailboats; image of a group practicing yoga on a cliff overlooking the water; blue box with text that reads Do More in Nova Scotia Canada.

Do More in Nova Scotia (Fall)

New fall ads launched the week of September 6 to remind travellers about the incredible activities, flavours, and colours Nova Scotia offers in the autumn.  

The Do More campaign runs in Atlantic Canada until the end of October, and Quebec, Ontario, and the Northeastern United States until the end of September. All campaigns include digital (video, audio, display), search, and social media ads. Traditional television ads will run in Atlantic Canada and Boston. PEI and New Brunswick campaigns will also include out-of-home and radio tactics. In Ontario, there is a sponsored content program with The Globe & Mail and Narcity and in Quebec, there is a sponsored content program with Quebecor publications Salut Bonjour, Espaces and Journal de Montréal & Journal de Québec. 

Wintervention (Atlantic Canada)

Tourism Nova Scotia launched the first winter marketing campaign in Atlantic Canada to encourage Nova Scotians and Atlantic Canadians to get off their couches and embrace winter by enjoying the excellent shopping, dining, cozy accommodations, and winter activities available throughout the province. 

The Wintervention campaign runs from November 15, 2021 to March 2022 - just in time to provide inspiration for spring breaks. The campaign runs in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador and includes television ads, radio and digital audio ads, digital video and display ads, and social media ads directing to a campaign landing page on featuring winter getaways and packages.

Work From Nova Scotia Campaign
Social Media post from Work From Nova Scotia shows people walking on a boardwalk along the ocean. Text reads: Upgrade Your Lunch Hour. Social Media post from Work From Nova Scotia shows two people kayaking in front of Georges Island. Text reads: Best Zoom Background Ever. Pinterest pin from Work from Nova Scotia shows woman walking along the beach. Text reads The perfect destination for remote workers.

The Province of Nova Scotia, with the marketing expertise of Tourism Nova Scotia and our agency of record, m5 Communications, has re-launched an updated marketing campaign aimed at attracting Canadian remote workers for relocation or longer-term stays in Nova Scotia.

The campaign consists of TV, digital video, paid social, search, display advertising, and a microsite  highlighting relevant information about relocating to Nova Scotia.

Population growth is a priority for Nova Scotia and was identified as a key goal in the One Nova Scotia Report. New residents, whether temporary or permanent, add to our dynamism and will help restore consumer demand in our hospitality, accommodations, arts and culture sectors. Attracting remote workers as new residents to Nova Scotia will accelerate the ongoing economic recovery of Nova Scotia.

The campaign launched December 20, 2021 with digital tactics and TV rolling out in 2022.

Shine On Tourism Confidence Campaign

Nova Scotians have done a great job following public health guidelines and staying close to home. It's why we've done so well through the pandemic. Now it's time to remind Nova Scotians of their role as welcoming ambassadors, foster pride and confidence in the tourism industry, and raise awareness of the value of tourism to our quality of life.

Nova Scotia’s tourism industry has two things going for it that no other destination has: Nova Scotia and Nova Scotians. Nova Scotian tourism operators have continued to amaze with their dedication, resourcefulness and commitment to providing experiences that make our communities better for locals and visitors alike. This campaign is our salute to them and rallying cry for the province at large. 

The campaign launched the week of June 7 and ran for six weeks. It included TV, digital video, print, social media, toolkit. The campaign as a designated landing page, and a new Facebook Page.


Get Involved - Industry Marketing Tools

These marketing toolkits can help your region or business embrace these campaigns to help make them bigger and better. Incorporate the logos in your marketing materials, use the campaign hashtags, and update your business and package listings on to align your marketing efforts with the provincial campaigns.

Rediscover Nova Scotia & Do More in Nova Scotia

Download the 2021 Marketing Toolkit (pdf)

rediscover ns logo        Do More in Nova Scotia Logo

Download the Rediscover Nova Scotia logo(.zip)     Download the Do More in Nova Scotia logo (.zip)



Download the 2021 Wintervention Marketing Toolkit (pdf)

Wintervention logo in blue and teal

Download the Wintervention logo (.zip)

Shine on Tourism

A series of templates (image overlays) will be available for download, so tourism businesses and Nova Scotians can post to social media using the campaign branding and look and feel – and shine a light on the thousands of people and businesses that contribute to tourism in every community of Nova Scotia. The toolkit also includes tip sheets with advice on using the templates and content ideas. 

Download the Industry Toolkit

Shine on Tourism logo