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Occupancy Report Form: Campgrounds

Monthly Occupancy Report Form for Campgrounds

Please be assured, individual property information is kept strictly confidential and is not shared with anyone. Occupancy data is only provided in a collective format and no single property’s data is identifiable.

Please use the following form to submit the Monthly Campground Occupancy data in Nova Scotia. All fields, with the exception of the one marked "if applicable" are required. If the answer to any of the questions is zero, please enter "0", it cannot be left blank. Contact us at or phone 902-798-7633 if you have any questions.

To maintain your listing on, this form must be submitted within seven days after the end of each month.

Site Info
If your campground offers roofed accommodations and you do not yet have a provincial accommodations registration number, please register at
Closed Status
If applicable, please indicate.
Sites Sold and Guests
(Total number of seasonal sites occupied for the entire month by a single registration.)
(Total number of short term sites occupied = count on a daily basis the number of sites that are occupied in your campground and the sum at the end of each month.)
(Total number of short term guests = count on a daily basis the number of guests on each site/cabin sold and sum at the end of each month. Total number of short term guests will never be less than the total number of short term sites occupied.)

About your privacy:

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