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Traveller Segmentation

When you understand why a person travels, how they like to travel, and what they like to do when they travel, you are better able to shape your activities, products or services, and marketing approach to appeal to them.

Explorer Quotient (EQ) is a tool that breaks travellers into groups based on their social values and world views, in addition to traditional demographics like their age, where they live, what their interests are, and how they travel. It provides a comprehensive picture of what drives a person’s travel behaviour and purchasing decisions. EQ was developed specifically for Destination Canada by Environics Research Group, based on years of international travel motivation research. 

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Using Explorer Quotient

Using this tool can help you understand who is most likely to be interested in what you offer, so you can tailor your products or services to these groups and use language and visuals in your marketing that are proven to attract them.

Tourism Nova Scotia’s Target EQ Groups

Tourism Nova Scotia uses EQ to help us identify who is most drawn to our unique landscapes, cultures and experiences, and to tailor our marketing approach to appeal to these potential visitors. The three EQ types that offer the best fit with what Nova Scotia has to offer as a tourism destination are:

  • Authentic Experiencers
  • Cultural Explorers
  • Free Spirits

Research shows Authentic Experiencers, Cultural Explorers and Free Spirits are most likely to be interested in Nova Scotia, so Tourism Nova Scotia targets these travellers with provincial marketing activities. You may wish to tailor what you offer to appeal to these visitors and attract them to your business.

Interested in learning more? Contact the experience development team, or check out the Experience Toolkit to learn how to identify which EQ types are the best fit for your business, and how you can increase your appeal to the travellers you want to attract.