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What is the travel trade?

The travel trade is a distribution network for travel. It is comprised of companies that buy travel products and services, such as accommodations, attractions, transportation, etc., and sell them to consumers or other buyers. This includes receptive tour operators that are based locally and serve incoming travellers, international inbound tour operators, travel agents, and online travel agencies. 


Why work with the travel trade?

Working with the travel trade is like having an expanded sales team. You have more people working to promote your business and opportunities for repeat business. You have more predictable cash flow since travel trade partners tend to reserve well in advance. It’s also a good way to attract visitors who may prefer to book with tour operators or travel agents.


What does it mean to be travel trade ready?

Being travel trade ready means that you have the business policies and supports in place to be able to work with travel trade partners and serve international travellers. This includes having rates, booking systems and policies in place, offering year-round support to your partners, maintaining consistent quality, and having sufficient capacity.

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The Atlantic Travel Trade Toolkit

Learn the tactics, processes, and best practices to attract international travellers and expand your business through the travel trade

The Atlantic Canada Travel Trade Readiness Program includes a toolkit, webinars, workshops and advisory services to help tourism businesses get ready to work with the travel trade and develop partnerships to grow your business. 

The Atlantic Canada Travel Trade Readiness Program was developed through a partnership between the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the tourism development organizations for the four Atlantic provinces.

Watch the Introductory Webinar

Watch the Sales Action Planning Webinar

For more information about the Atlantic Canada Travel Trade Readiness Program, please contact Natalie Shaw, Market Development Coordinator, at

Our Travel Trade Programs

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For more information about Tourism Nova Scotia's Travel Trade Programs, please contact Natalie Shaw, Market Development Coordinator, at