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Nova Scotia Experience Toolkit

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Deliver new experiences to set yourself apart from the competition, create more demand for your business, and connect with your best customers. Learn about different types of travellers, their interests, and aligning experience development efforts with your business goals. Gain insights with experience development planning and pricing tools, industry best practices, and marketing tactics. Access five videos and related tip sheets and worksheets in this Nova Scotia Experience Toolkit to guide you.

Please note, the Nova Scotia Experience Toolkit was created prior to the global COVID-19 pandemic and some materials reference insights on national and international key markets Tourism Nova Scotia targeted pre-pandemic. While markets have shifted, these tip sheets and worksheets continue to be useful and relevant to help you plan, develop, price, and market experiences that target travellers.

Download all tip sheets and worksheets (.zip)

Focus on World-class Experiences

Travellers are looking for authentic, unique, and coastal experiences in Nova Scotia and delivering authentically Nova Scotian experiences is good for business. In the Nova Scotia Experience Toolkit, access insights and tools from Tourism Nova Scotia's team and tourism industry partners. Learn about traveller preferences, experience development best practices, and marketing tactics to help grow your business.

What is Your Business Vibe?

Creating unique, purchasable experiences filled with unexpected moments that align with Nova Scotia's brand can help our province stand out as a destination, create more positive customer experiences and reviews, and support tourism growth. Learn how you can use Nova Scotia's destination brand to guide you in creating tourism experiences that attract customers and create lasting memories.

Identify Your Best Visitors

Which travellers are the best fit for your business? Understand how to use the Explorer Quotient travel segmentation tool and identify the visitors that are most likely to connect with your offerings and business. Once you identify your best potential visitors, you can create experiences aligned with their travel values and tailored to catch their attention, close the sale, and deliver what they are seeking.

Create an Experience

Authentic, unique, and quality experiences motivate travel and can attract visitors to your business. Use these resources to guide you in creating an experience that is the right fit for your business, is aligned with your business goals, and is appealing to the travellers you want to attract. The worksheets will help you identify unique stories, flavours, people and places in your region and guide you through planning, pricing, describing, and marketing your experience.

Market Your Experience

Now that you've created a new travel experience, how are you going to connect with your best potential customers to close the sale? The marketing strategies and tactics in this section can help you raise awareness of your experience, generate sales, and grow your business. Determine what marketing tactics will be the best fit for you and remember to ensure you have a strong online profile, clear path to purchase, and measure your results.



If you have questions about using this toolkit or want advice from our tourism development advisors, contact a member of our experience development team.

This toolkit was produced by the Experience Development Team of Tourism Nova Scotia.
Thank you to our colleagues and industry partners for your support in developing this toolkit. We’d like to give a special thanks to industry partners who shared insights and best practices:

  • Melissa Velden & Jennifer Nicholls: Flying Apron Inn & Cookery
  • Donna Hatt: White Point Beach Resort
  • Tim Fedak: Fundy Geological Museum
  • Sarah Hrdlicka: Cape LaHave Adventures
  • Kelly Deveaux: Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Parks Canada

Tourism Nova Scotia does not provide legal, accounting or other professional advice. The information in this toolkit is intended to be general and represents the research of Tourism Nova Scotia’s experience development, marketing, and research teams. While the information contained in this document is believed to be accurate as of December 2019, it is not so warranted. Laws and regulations, as well as links to external sources, could change at any time. We encourage you to check with our staff or the appropriate authority to obtain up-to-date information on laws that may affect planning for any tourism experience, activity or attraction in your community. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be republished without the prior written consent of Tourism Nova Scotia.