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2023 Advertising Campaigns

Tourism Nova Scotia runs advertising campaigns to encourage travel to and within Nova Scotia. Campaigns inspire people to spend their vacation time and money in communities throughout the province. See below for information about current tourism marketing campaigns running in 2023.

Your Ocean Playground Fall Campaign

New fall ads are running from September 5 to October 14 in Ontario to highlight the breadth of things to see and do in Nova Scotia this fall. The campaign includes YouTube video ads, digital display ads, and social media ads directing people to a landing page to book their fall getaway.


For more videos, visit

Social Media

Cliffs next to the oceanTwo women in a pub with three musicians in the background

Display Ads

Three ads side by side displaying a car on the road driving on next to a cliff

Compelling Tourism Communities Digital Marketing Program Campaign

The Compelling Tourism Communities Initiative (CTC) is running from September 5 to October 31 in Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. The campaign focuses on promoting fall visitation and building awareness of Nova Scotia’s lesser-known communities through highlighting events, outdoor adventure activities, wineries, culinary experiences, accommodations, and more. Tactics include digital video ads on YouTube and streaming services, digital display ads, and social media ads.


Display Ads

Three images - one displaying a three person musical group, one displaying two plates of colourful food, and one displaying two people on bikes on a trail

Your Ocean Playground Campaign: North America

The Your Ocean Playground is running from March 6 through the end of summer in Ontario, Quebec, Connecticut, Maine and Massachusetts. The campaign focuses on seacoast delights and Maritime culture, through the story of a couple travelling all 13,000 kilometres of our coastline.

Watch the Campaign Introduction

Watch the 30 Second Video Ad

With more than 100 videos, audio clips and images, the campaign shows the wide range of things to see and do in every part of our province. Tactics include paid search, television, billboards, social media, video and display ads.

English Billboards

Image of people riding jet skis in Halifax Harbour. Text reads Inner children deserve playgrounds too.

Image of the red phone booth at Luckett's Vineyard with text that reads Your antidote to ordinary.

Image of hotel rooms overlooking a beach. Text reads 13,000km of coastline (not a typo).

French Billboards

French billboard with an areal view of whales. Text reads Du wow a revendre.

French billboard showing two people standing at the top of Franey Trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Text reads les barre est haute pour votre  prochane destination.
Social Media
Facebook carousel ad featuring cultural events and festivals.

Facebook in-feed ads.

Display Ads

Sample of display ads featuring cultural experiences.

Overseas Campaigns

In the United Kingdom and Germany, we are continuing with the successful Do More in Nova Scotia creative that was developed in 2022. Ads launched in February and run until April to catch travellers when they are in the planning stages of their trips.

In our overseas markets, we also partner with key airlines such as Air Canada and Condor/Eurowings Discover to promote non-stop flights to Nova Scotia. Tactics include social media, digital display and YouTube ads as well as search engine marketing.

Germany Social Media

Ad samples from 2023 German campaign.
United Kingdom Social Media

Ad samples from 2023 United Kingdom campaign.

Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada

We run ads year-round in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada. These travellers are most likely to travel in the province during the cooler months. Winter and spring campaigns will continue to run until March 31. 

Our focus in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada in 2023 will be working with communities and businesses to run campaigns highlighting Nova Scotia’s compelling attractions and activities through our partnership programs like the Digital Content Marketing Program, RADIATE Tourism Program and the Compelling Tourism Communities Initiative. There will be a wide range of tactics including both digital media and traditional media advertising. These campaigns will be seasonal to keep people exploring all year long.

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