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Improving Accessibility in the Tourism Industry

Thursday, November 10, 2022

It is important for travellers of all abilities to have access to trip planning information, necessary amenities, and enjoyable Nova Scotia experiences.  

Nova Scotia passed legislation in 2017 to become a more equitable and accessible Nova Scotia by 2030. Accessibility standards are being developed for Nova Scotia, and tourism businesses and organizations will need to comply with those standards. 

Tourism Nova Scotia (TNS) is collaborating with the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS) on an initiative to support the tourism industry to identify, prevent, and eliminate accessibility barriers, so that travellers of all abilities can experience everything Nova Scotia’s tourism industry has to offer. This project will identify what is required of tourism businesses and organizations, the state of readiness of the industry, and resources, gaps and opportunities to help the industry meet the requirements. 

Phase 1 of this initiative included a scan of current resources to help tourism businesses and organizations improve accessibility. We’ve created a new webpage where you can find this information, which we will continue to update as further phases of the initiative are completed and more information is available.

See Improving Accessibility Webpage 

As we move forward with this initiative, we will be working toward developing a Tourism Accessibility Framework that will help link tourism businesses with the resources and tools they need to increase their capacity to meet accessibility standards.