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Legislation Supports Increased Municipal Revenue, More Events, Enhanced Tourism

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

The Province is giving municipalities a greater ability to generate revenue to attract events, people and travellers to their communities.

Amendments to the Municipal Government Act and the Halifax Regional Municipality Charter introduced on October 14 create a consistent, provincewide approach for municipalities to charge a marketing levy on the purchase price of hotel rooms and other accommodations.

Under the proposed legislation, municipalities can choose if they want to impose the levy and at what rate, up to a maximum of three per cent of the total cost of an accommodation. 

See the news release for more information.

Currently, municipalities must request legislative authority from the Province to create a levy, and there are now separate pieces of legislation permitting levies in four areas of the province: Cape Breton Island, Halifax Regional Municipality, Yarmouth (town and district) and Digby (town and district). A transition clause is proposed to recognize any existing by-laws enacted under the existing Acts. Associated regulations will remain valid for a period of one year to provide sufficient time for each municipality to update their by-laws if necessary.