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Skyline Trail at sunset in Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

Marketing Partnerships Highlight Nova Scotia on Leading Booking Platforms

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

More than ever, travellers are researching and booking their trips online. With millions of daily users, platforms like Expedia and Airbnb are powerful marketing platforms with an audience of motivated travellers. To compete with other destinations, we need to provide compelling content about the province on these platforms to encourage their users to choose Nova Scotia as their next vacation destination.

Two new marketing partnerships are shining a spotlight on Nova Scotia on leading booking platforms.

Airbnb Marketing Partnership

Tourism Nova Scotia has signed a marketing partnership to promote safe and healthy tourism experiences within Nova Scotia to users of the Airbnb platform.

As part of this partnership, Airbnb has developed a landing page dedicated to highlighting listings and Airbnb Experiences in Nova Scotia as well as relevant information about hosting in the province. We’re working with Airbnb to help them expand their content about Nova Scotia. There will be opportunities to add and update the content on the landing page over the course of the partnership. They will also promote the landing page to Airbnb users within Atlantic Canada via email and on Airbnb’s social media channels.

Additionally, Tourism Nova Scotia will have access to data about search and booking trends to help inform marketing strategy and overall promotion of Nova Scotia as a tourism destination.

First Ever Canada Expedia Microsite

Destination Canada and the provincial and territorial tourism marketing organizations have teamed up with Expedia to create a content hub that makes it easy for travellers to find inspiration to explore Canada. The Canada Expedia microsite includes blog articles, itineraries, and videos showcasing the incredible experiences available in Nova Scotia and across Canada.

These partnerships make it easy for travellers who are using these platforms to find quality information about Nova Scotia and book a vacation here.