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RADIATE Tourism Program Entices Maritime Travellers with Seasonal Travel Packages

Friday, November 4, 2022

We’ve partnered with tourism operators across the province to offer fall packages and launch a digital advertising campaign to raise awareness and encourage travel in Nova Scotia now. 

The RADIATE Tourism Program helps tourism businesses, attractions, and events develop and market compelling packages to encourage locals and Maritimers to explore more of Nova Scotia. This year, emphasis is on helping to extend the tourism season and build business resiliency by promoting packages available year-round, or in fall, winter and/or spring. Program participants are supported with market research insights on Maritime travellers and coaching to develop and position compelling packages. Packages will be promoted through seasonal digital ad campaigns in fall, winter, and spring that build on our core marketing campaigns.

We are excited to be working with 29 partners in 2022-23. Partners have created a total of 34 packages for the fall season, which are now being featured in an online campaign. Additional packages to be featured in the winter and spring campaigns are in development. 

See Fall Packages 

About the RADIATE Ad Campaigns

Tourism Nova Scotia will run digital advertising campaigns in fall (October 17 – November 25), winter (January 9 – February 17) and spring (February 21 – March 31) featuring packages in the RADIATE Tourism Program.
The digital campaigns target potential visitors, aged 18+ in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick who are interested in travelling in Nova Scotia. The campaigns will serve digital ads to people searching for travel ideas, accommodations, packages, and getaways or who have visited as a result of our core marketing campaigns.

The campaigns will use social media, digital display, and discovery ads to increase awareness of culinary and cultural experiences, accommodations, outdoor activities, and events offered in fall, winter, and spring and drive traffic to seasonal landing pages on  
Check out these ad examples from the fall campaign:

Digital Discovery Ads:
Sample of an ad on YouTube shows a woman leaning on a railing looking out over snow covered mountains.  Sample of an ad on YouTube for Nova Scotia travel packages shows scallops cooking in a pan over a flame.

Social Media Ads:
 Sample social media story ad shows three images extending from a mobile phone.

Sample of a social media carousel ad with four images extending from a mobile phone.