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Kayakers prepare to enter a lake

Tourism Nova Scotia Shifts Focus of Travel Media Activities to Encourage Atlantic Canadians to Rediscover Nova Scotia

Given the travel restrictions in place, Tourism Nova Scotia has shifted the focus of its travel media relations activities to promote travel in and around Nova Scotia to Atlantic Canadians.

In previous years, TNS’s travel media specialists would work with travel media in key markets outside of Atlantic Canada, providing assistance with research, itinerary planning, image requirements, and on-the-ground hosting of press trips.

This year, the Atlantic Canada Media Outreach Program will support the development of editorial travel stories that encourage Nova Scotians and Atlantic Canadians to rediscover Nova Scotia. This new regional approach will highlight compelling Nova Scotia experiences, packages and new ways to explore the province from the very people that live here. The goal is to inspire people to go beyond the places and activities that are familiar and explore something new.

Approved travel media will be eligible to receive financial assistance to help offset the cost of article creation, distribution and press trips around the province. This will help create new and inspiring travel content relevant to an Atlantic Canadian audience—and ensure that the content will appear in local/regional media outlets.

Please visit our Travel Media page to learn more about Tourism Nova Scotia’s Travel Media activities and to get in contact with a member of the team.