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Tourism Nova Scotia Unveils Strategic Plan

We are pleased to share our 2017-22 Strategic Plan: Growing Export Revenues. The plan builds on the strategic plan framework that was unveiled in 2015, when we were first created, and provides greater context and rationale for how we will partner and invest our resources to drive tourism growth.

“I am delighted to share this plan with our partners,” shares Michele Saran, CEO of Tourism Nova Scotia (TNS). “It’s important for everyone involved in Nova Scotia’s tourism sector to understand one another’s strategies, and to align our activities so that we can successfully grow revenue year over year.”

The plan is TNS’s forward-looking corporate strategy, and helps TNS employees, the government, and our industry partners understand why, how and what we need to do to deliver on our mandate.

“Tourism Nova Scotia is built on transparency, accountability, and collaboration. It’s important to us that our plan is shared with our partners,” Saran continues. “Collectively our efforts will help Nova Scotia reach the Ivany Commission’s Now or Never Report goal of $4 billion in annual tourism revenues by 2024.”

The strategic plan is based on research and the four strategic pillars that guide TNS’s activities:

We hope you will find this strategic plan informative, and we look forward to working with you over the next five years—and beyond—to continue growing tourism revenue in Nova Scotia.

To request a hard copy of the strategic plan, please write to