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Update on Nova Scotia Wildfires

Updated: June 13, 2023

Some communities in Nova Scotia have been affected by recent wildfires. However, we are open and looking forward to welcoming many visitors this summer. All fires are currently under control. For the latest information, see

We are doing our best to provide information to industry and travellers. We will continue to update this page as new information becomes available, however, please continue to consult official sources for alerts and updates.


Travel is welcome in most areas of Nova Scotia, and we look forward to welcoming many visitors this summer.  

Please stay out of evacuated areas. If you are travelling to an area that has been impacted by fires, check ahead for business and road closures, and air quality statements, and follow the direction of emergency management officials.

People should also be mindful of their travel and activities in areas close to fires and ensure they are not impeding emergency responders. For the latest information on evacuation notices and affected areas, please see


As of June 13, travel and activities are allowed in the woods. This includes hiking, camping, fishing, and the use of vehicles in the woods.  

The Province-wide burn ban has been lifted, but local burn restrictions are updated daily depending on local conditions. 

The fine for burning when not allowed is $25,000. Information about burning restrictions can be found on the burn-safe map: 

Learn more about travel and activities in the woods: Please continue to monitor for updates.


Businesses outside of the evacuation areas have not been directed to close. Businesses set their own policies for refunds and cancellations, but we encourage you to be flexible with customers who may be impacted by the fires.

Support for Businesses/Evacuees

Small businesses who received a mandatory notice to evacuate or were closed for at least 5 days because of the recent fires in Halifax Regional Municipality and Shelburne County can apply for a one-time $2,500 grant. See the Small Business Wildfire Relief Program.

If you experienced an interruption or reduction in income due to the wildfires in Halifax Regional Municipality and Shelburne County, you can apply for an emergency grant. Volunteer firefighters who assisted with the wildfires and didn’t receive paid voluntary leave from their employer can also apply. See the Emergency Relief Grant for Individuals.

The Province is providing free well-water testing Kits for wildfire evacuees. For more information, please see

For information about emergency support for people who have had to evacuate their homes, please see  

If you are closed due to the wildfires, please let us know by emailing We can add a note to your listing on and we are monitoring the impacts on tourism operators.