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Sunrise over the lake and forest at Kejimikujik National Park and National Historic Site.

Webinar: Getting Results from Your E-commerce Platform

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

So you’ve implemented an e-commerce platform for your business. What’s next? Join Tourism Nova Scotia and Digital Nova Scotia for a webinar presented by Arbuckle Media to learn how to integrate e-commerce into your business and get full results. 

Date: Thursday, February 18
Time: 10 am
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The webinar will cover:

  1. The e-commerce mindset: how to adapt e-commerce into your regular business reporting and reap the rewards, not only by using it to makes sales but also to learn about your customers.
  2. How to speak the language of e-commerce and marketing, even when you have Askillor experience gap in your team, whether you're a service or product-based business.
  3. How to stay organized and confidently read e-commerce and marketing reports to make actionable decisions based on the data and insights.

About our Presenter

Arbuckle Media LogoJoel Arbuckle, President, Arbuckle Media


Joel began his professional career as a freelancer after graduating from Saint Mary’s University with a degree in Marketing Management. Joel opened Arbuckle Media in 2015 to help local businesses use similar strategies and software tactics that the big brands were using in a way that fit their scope. Now his company is working with organizations of all shapes and sizes across Canada and the United States, deploying strategic branding that’s scalable to each organization’s needs and goals.