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Webinar: Telling Your Business's Story

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

You’re running a business in a province known for storytelling, be it ‘round a campfire or kitchen table, out at sea under the stars, or at the pub over a pint. But not every Nova Scotian is a born storyteller. The good news is, you can learn and grow your storytelling skills at any age or stage! 

Join us for this DigiPort Webinar with The Family Knife and learn how to tell your business’s story to better effect, draw your ideal customers in, and share the wonders and delights you have on offer. 

Date: Thursday, December 8, 2022
Time: 10:00am
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About Our Presenter: 

Leah Sanford is The Family Knife’s team captain, cheerful motivator and prioritization leader. She makes sure clients stay on track, get the important work done, and have fun while they're at it.  Leah has worked with some of the country’s top employers and largest organizations as well boutique businesses, creators and consultants, helping them all communicate effectively and bolster their community reputations. She’s a born coach and teacher, and she never lets the joy slip away, nor her clients fall. When you work with The Family Knife, you get Leah’s endless enthusiasm, drive, and fun—and you’ll never look at your marketing work the same way again.