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Tourism Nova Scotia Webinar Series

Get training and advice from a range of expert panelists through the Tourism Nova Scotia Webinar Series. Launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, this webinar series offers practical information and support to help you adapt to the evolving tourism environment and enhance quality and competitiveness.

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Upcoming Webinars

Webinars are generally offered once per month. Check back soon for more great presentations in this series!

Succession Planning: How and Where to Get Started

Canadian entrepreneurs are in the midst of an unprecedented transition: over the next decade, more than 72% of the country’s 1.1 million business owners plan to exit their business. In the process, they will transfer more than $1.5 trillion in business assets to a new generation of small business owners. Opportunity abounds! Yet at the same time, less than half of these businesses have any kind of succession plan (and only about 1 in 10 has a formal written plan), suggesting that many entrepreneurs are on a collision course with frustration, disappointment, and loss of wealth. 

In this workshop, we’ll begin to unpack this important topic by examining some of the first steps and ‘easy wins’ that small business owners can take to begin their succession journey. Specifically, we’ll begin to assess your readiness, examine your exit options, consider how to build your succession team, and look at how to construct your ‘succession manual’.

Date: Thursday, December 9, 2021
Time: 10 a.m.
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      Recorded Webinars

      Watch previously recorded webinars and download the related tip sheets for more insights from our panelists.

      How to Create Compelling Photos with Your Smartphone

      In the second photography webinar in the series, learn how to use your smartphone to capture great photos of your products and accommodations.

      Photographer Bridget Havercroft will share the best apps and techniques to capture and edit photos you WANT to use to promote your business.

      Videography: Bringing New Life to Your Social Media Presence

      Join Matt and Ryker from Rove Productions for a lesson in videography for social media marketing. Find out what kind of videos you can create yourself and what is best to outsource to professionals. 

      See how a website video, key product launch or an evergreen video can be seen and used over and over again. Many Instagram posts, reels and stories can be easily created on the fly with an iPhone! Learn about the apps you can use to create and edit videos and the basics you need to know to ensure you are ready to hit play and bring new life to your social media presence!

      Although Matt and Ryker use an iPhone, most of the apps they use are also available on Android.

      Design the Ultimate Getaway

      Join Noelle McGough from Monk and Nun Interiors for a webinar on how to design the ultimate getaway for travellers. Noelle will share tips on how to design your tourism accommodation for big appeal on a shoe-string budget. Find out what your guests are looking for, how to declutter for a simple, attractive design, and how to add value to your guest experience through low-cost design options.

      Navigating 2021: Marketing Plans and Resources

      With travel restrictions easing and provincial re-opening plans shaping up, we are inviting tourism operators, organizations, and other stakeholders to join us for an overview our 2021 marketing campaigns, initiatives and business supports.

      Learn how your organization can get involved with our marketing activities, and what tools and resources we have available to assist you.

      Please note, this webinar is open to businesses and organizations that are located in or regularly conduct business in Nova Scotia.

      Website Refresh – Writing Website Content that Resonates

      If your website has been on a hiatus during the pandemic, now is the time to bring it back to life and change up your content. However, the world today is very different from the one we knew, so it's important to remember: “this isn't business as usual”. 

      Great content makes a better website, it also improves your site’s SEO rankings, which can have a very positive impact on your business. It’s important to do it right. 

      In this webinar, Maria McGowan from Sociable Media will look at what makes great content, how to write for your audience, and ways to improve your website to make a better user experience.

      Here’s what you’ll learn in this workshop:

      • How to write for a new normal: decide what content will be interesting for the reader and also reflects your brand story 
      • Edit and proofread like a pro: transform your writing into content that is easy to read and add the details that help someone choose you over a competitor
      • Visuals are everything: say it with video and photos in a meaningful and emotional way
      • How to optimize your web pages for Search Engine Optimization (content that addresses what people are searching for)
      • Improving user experience and the way visitors interact with your website
      Capturing Great Photos with a Smartphone

      Get expert advice from Dave Culligan, Founder and CEO, threesixfive Media Inc. to capture great photos with a smartphone to market your tourism business. Dave will discuss best practices for planning, shooting, editing, and post-producing photo content by using smart phones and free (or low cost) software and tools.

      Learn how to capture and create world-class marketing content while keeping things simple and staying within budget.

      • Learn Dave's own story of starting on iphone
      • See samples of Dave's iphone photography 
      • Hear tips for capturing quality photos as well as editing and post-processing
      • Learn strategies for how to capture photos for multiple platforms
      • Get examples of software and tools
      Promoting Health and Safety During Your Spring Ramp-up

      As tourism businesses prepare to welcome visitors this Spring and Summer, health and safety are top of mind. Join Tourism Nova Scotia and the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia for a webinar presented by Joe Treen, Occupational Health and Safety Director at Safety Services of Nova Scotia. The webinar will review the basics of health and safety and how business leaders can create a safe and welcoming environment for your staff and customers by understanding your obligations, providing training, and clear communication.

      The webinar covers:

      • Obligations of employers and where to learn more
      • Spring checklists and reviewing your health and safety plan, and orientation of new staff and re-adjusting to the workplace
      • Planning communications with customers on-site to ensure continued compliance with COVID safety measures
      • Planning for guests completing a two-week self-isolation 
      • Building confidence by promoting your safety plan to potential customers 
      • Training and certification available in Nova Scotia for the tourism industry on cleaning practices, including Clean it Right and follow-up audits available through Safety Services of NS
      Succeeding and Growing your Business in Challenging Times

      COVID-19 has created challenging circumstances for tourism businesses, but some companies are identifying the opportunities and finding success.

      Join Matt Symes, CEO, Symplicity Designs, to find out how you can get your business through this difficult time and perhaps even come out stronger than ever. Learn how to take adapt to business trends, identify opportunities for business growth, and improve your customers' experience.

      Package Up with Tourism Nova Scotia

      Promote your business on and learn how packaging can help your business stand out to potential visitors. 

      As the busy travel season approaches, now is a great time to review your online profile to help promote your business to visitors planning their Nova Scotia vacations. Have you updated your business listing, packages, events, or experiences on Is your website up-to-date? What else should you be considering? Michelle Sears, Digital Marketing Advisor at Tourism Nova Scotia, will provide a quick recap of how you can work with Tourism Nova Scotia and market your business on 

      Judy Lynch, Tourism Development Advisor at Tourism Nova Scotia, will also share tips to help you create compelling packages to attract customers. Gain insights and find resources to help with everything from creating partnerships to pricing and promotion so you can create packages that are the best fit for your ideal customers. 

      Creating Content to Engage Customers on Social Media

      Join Tourism Nova Scotia, Digital Nova Scotia and Ingrid Deon, owner of word-craft, for an interactive session on creating engaging content for your social media channels. Ingrid will share some simple tips to get you started writing content for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This webinar is relevant to tourism businesses and organizations interested in engaging more with their loyal customers and learning how to curate content to expand their reach to new customers. Learn how to create a content plan that will help guide you on when, where and what to post.

      Spring Clean Your Online Presence

      Join Tourism Nova Scotia and Digital Nova Scotia for a webinar presented by Alison Knott, Founder of Alison K Consulting, on getting your online presence in order. There’s plenty of small, easy steps that can have a big impact in the digital realm. Alison will provide you with a clear understanding of which tactics are best for your business and how to take immediate action.

      The tactics reviewed in this webinar are:

      • Google My Business
      • Google Analytics
      • Newsletters
      • Social Media Automation
      • Website Auditing

      Please note: this is an encore delivery of a webinar delivered last Spring: Top 5 Free or Low-Cost Ways to Get your Online Presence in Order, however the content has been refreshed accordingly.

      Online Marketing – Going Beyond Social Media

      Join Tourism Nova Scotia and Digital Nova Scotia for a webinar presented by Alison Knott, founder of Alison K Consulting, exploring opportunities to market your business online and get the results you want. Alison will share strategies that go beyond social media promotion to bring traffic to your website, generate leads, and close the sale. 

      The webinar will cover the following topics:

      • The importance of marketing your business across multiple channels
      • What online marketing channels are out there, and which ones are right for your business
      • Examples of ways to market your business online with low cost/set-up time
      Find Your Ideal Customers Online

      The internet is a big, noisy place. It’s impossible to be everywhere and do “all the things” – you’ll burn out. If you want to succeed online, you must get focused. Join Tourism Nova Scotia and Digital Nova Scotia for a webinar with Katelyn Bourgoin, CEO of Customer Camp, for a 1-hour crash course where you’ll learn how to find your ideal customers online.

      This webinar will cover:

      • How to discover where your ideal customers are already gathering 
      • How customers search for experiences and products like yours
      • How to market to those customers
      Attracting Remote Workers and Digital Nomads for Long-term Stays in Nova Scotia

      The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically increased the number of people working remotely from home. Which raises the question - if technology allows you to work from anywhere, why not work from Nova Scotia and experience our beautiful province while you’re here?

      In this webinar, Tourism Nova Scotia will outline the Province of Nova Scotia’s initiative to encourage Canadian remote workers and digital nomads to relocate to Nova Scotia. We’ll share definitions on the various groups like what is a “digital nomad”, research on  what motivates remote workers to choose a destination and start a conversation about how the tourism industry can take advantage of the opportunity to safely encourage long-term stays.

      Getting Results from Your E-commerce Platform

      So you’ve implemented an e-commerce platform for your business. What’s next? Join Tourism Nova Scotia and Digital Nova Scotia for a webinar presented by Arbuckle Media to learn how to integrate e-commerce into your business and get full results. 

      The webinar will cover:

      1. The e-commerce mindset: how to adapt e-commerce into your regular business reporting and reap the rewards, not only by using it to makes sales but also to learn about your customers.
      2. How to speak the language of e-commerce and marketing, even when you have Askillor experience gap in your team, whether you're a service or product-based business.
      3. How to stay organized and confidently read e-commerce and marketing reports to make actionable decisions based on the data and insights.
      Building a Flexible Social Media Strategy

      In the current COVID-19 environment, the message you need to communicate to your customers can shift quickly. It is important to be nimble and adapt to changing circumstances. How do you shift your social media message to promote your business during a temporary closure or when travel restrictions are in place? How do you keep your audience engaged if you’re closed during the winter? If you are open for business, how do you build loyalty and sales at this time of year? How do you make the most of paid social media if you want to spend advertising dollars?

      Join Tourism Nova Scotia and Digital Nova Scotia for a webinar presented by Jonathan Duke, Vice President, Marketing and Innovation, m5 Marketing Communications.

      An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization for Content

      When your ideal customers are researching their next trip online, will your business pop-up in their search results?  Join Tourism Nova Scotia, Digital Nova Scotia, and SEO consultant Michael MacMillan, to learn how to increase search traffic to your website with your content. Learn tactics to discover what questions potential customers are asking in search engines and how best to create content to answer these questions and get your website at the top of their search results. Insights from this introductory webinar on search engine optimization will help make it easier for customers to find your business online.

      How to Make the Most of Working with Influencers

      In this webinar, Dalene Heck of Hecktic Media Inc (HMI) provides tips and tools of the trade on working with influencers and content creators to promote your business or region. Dalene talks about how to maximize the potential of social media campaigns, advising on how to effectively interact with influencers online and how to generate long-term benefits from their campaigns.

      Choose the Right Marketing Channels to Reach Your Target Customers

      Tourism Nova Scotia and m5 Marketing Communications provide an overview of the most effect media channels and marketing tactics to promote your business to Atlantic Canadians. Many of the most effective media channels are digital and easy to manage yourself.

      Google My Business and Other Google Tools for your Business

      Learn about the Google tools available to support your business in a webinar with Google Canada representatives. Donna Chang, Tourism Lead and Jenny Vincent, Account Manager with Google Canada share the latest best practices for Google My Business profiles along with the Google Guide for Small and Medium Businesses.

      Use New Tourism Nova Scotia Research to Tailor Your Experiences to Appeal to Regional Visitors

      Learn about tourism market insights to promote your business in the local and regional markets. Anna Moran, Director of Research and Policy shares the most recent research related to COVID-19 tourism recovery. Heather Yule, Manager of Experience Development, shares tips and tools to create compelling packages and experiences for regional travellers that differentiate Nova Scotia from other Maritime destinations.

      In this webinar Tourism Nova Scotia covers:

      • Preliminary results from Tourism Nova Scotia research conducted with Maritime travellers.

      • Consumer research conducted by Destination Canada.

      • How to build on Nova Scotia’s competitive strengths and include unique assets that appeal to visitors to help grow your profile and attract customers.

      • Steps to create experiences, from tips on selecting activities and partners for packages, to pricing and promotion, to help you develop the package that’s the best fit for your potential visitors and business now.

      Building Connection with Your Customers Through Social Media – Pt. 1

      Tourism Nova Scotia and Digital Nova Scotia present a webinar delivered by Ingrid Deon of word-craft on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social media is one of the best ways to connect with people who are already interested in your business. It’s also vital for reaching people who haven’t heard about your business yet. Whether you’re just getting started or already have social media accounts for your tourism business, this will help you get to the next level to connect with your customers.

      In this webinar, Ingrid Deon discusses:

      • Creating goals for social media
      • Creating a content calendar
      • What to post where, and when to post it
      Building Connection with Your Customers Through Social Media – Pt. 2

      In this webinar presented by Tourism Nova Scotia and Digital Nova Scotia, Ingrid Deon, Owner of word-craft offers advice on using social media to engage with your customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social media is one of the best ways to connect with people who are already interested in your business. It’s also vital for reaching people who haven’t heard about your business yet. Whether you’re just getting started or already have social media accounts for your tourism business, this will help you get to the next level to connect with your customers. This is the second social media webinar with Ingrid Deon in the Tourism Nova Scotia webinar series.

      In this webinar, Ingrid Deon discusses:

      • How to engage with your followers
      • Making sense of insights
      • Boosting and targeting posts
      Promote Your Business or Community with Tourism Nova Scotia

      Tourism Nova Scotia offers a variety of marketing opportunities to help tourism businesses and organizations reach potential visitors, including online business listings, social media, partnership programs, and advertising. Learn how you can work with the provincial marketing organization to promote your business or community to travellers.

      In this webinar, Michelle Sears, Digital Marketing Advisor, covers:

      • Creating and optimizing your business listing on
      • Using stories, itineraries, and town/city pages to promote your community on
      • Plugging in to Tourism Nova Scotia’s social media promotions
      • Advertising opportunities
      Resetting Your Marketing Strategy

      Tourism Nova Scotia and our marketing agency of record, m5 Marketing and Communications, discuss how to reset your marketing strategy in the wake of COVID-19. Now is the perfect time to reflect on your business and get strategic about your marketing plan. Heather Dalton, Executive VP, Operations at m5, shares six things you can work on now so you can come out swinging when the time is right.

      In this webinar, Heather covers:
      • One hour marketing strategy
      • Knowing your audience
      • Evolving your 4 Ps: Product, Price, Promotion and Place
      • Reducing risk through (quick) research
      • Digital lead generation
      • Defining your brand

      Templates referenced in presentation:

      Sales Planning for COVID-19 Recovery

      Learn how to develop your sales plan for post-COVID-19 recovery. This webinar is delivered by Eva Gutsche from STEM Consulting and special guest Emma Cashmore, Nova Scotia's in-market representative in the United Kingdom.  Eva is familiar to many people in the Atlantic Canada’s tourism industry as a facilitator of the Travel Trade Market Readiness Program. Eva is offering her expertise to businesses and destination management organizations in several provinces to help industry prepare for COVID-19 recovery and attract new business through an effective sales strategy. This webinar provides suggestions for a concrete action plan for any size business.

      In this webinar Eva Gutsche covers:

      • Short-term sales focus - understanding what consumer demand may be following the pandemic
      • Creating a short-term consumer marketing strategy for the recovery phase
      • Planning for 2021 and beyond to attract local, regional, and international visitors
      SEO: Why Search Engine Optimization is More Important Than Ever

      Tourism Nova Scotia and Digital Nova Scotia present a webinar delivered by Michael MacMillan of MacMillan Search on search engine optimization (SEO).

      In this webinar, Michael MacMillan discusses:

      • Keeping your clients informed and up to date from within the search results using your homepage's metadata and Google My Business
      • Determining what types of keywords drove people to your site, and what is currently driving traffic (with strategies to maintain/improve positions) using Google Search Console
      • Scheduling your content based on historical trends using Google Trends, and accounting for post-COVID search habit changes with Coronavirus Search Trends

      To prepare for this webinar, we recommend that you set up your Google My Business and Google Analytics accounts, if you have not already done so. If you would like information about how to do that, check out the resources created by Alison Knott from Alison K Consulting to build on the previous webinar she presented for us on April 30. Find these resources at

      Ramping Up as The Curve Flattens: Adapting Your Business and Staff to Customer Expectations

      Eva Gutsche from STEM Consulting shares advice on connecting with customers and adapting your business to the changes in the travel industry as a result of COVID-19. Eva Gutsche is familiar to the tourism industry in Atlantic Canada as a facilitator of the Travel Trade Market Readiness Program.

      In this webinar STEM Consulting will:

      • examine how to connect with customers and business associates now and until the pandemic is resolved
      • use industry examples and case studies to demonstrate creative ways to engage potential customers in an appropriate way
      • discuss how to address difficult conversations and review cancellation policies for your business
      • discuss easing back into business – what the back to business phase could look like for both:
        • post COVID-19 consumer product / service expectations, and
        • business practices to protect the health and safety of customers and staff
      • explore potential business levels based on research and forecasts (3-year view)
      • summarize market expectations in the shorter-term
      Top 5 Free or Low-Cost Ways to Get Your Online Presence in Order

       There’s plenty of low-hanging fruit to be had in getting your online presence in order. Alison Knott from Alison K Consulting provides you with a clear understanding of which tactics are best for your business and how to take immediate action. 

      The tactics reviewed in this webinar are:

      • Google My Business
      • Google Analytics
      • Newsletters
      • Social Media Automation
      • Website Auditing

      Find additional resources from Alison Knott at

      E-Commerce: Adding Shopify To Your Website to Maximize Sales

      Online shopping is by no means new, but during the COVID-19 many consumers are increasingly seeking ways to shop online or access takeout and delivery services. It’s even more important now to offer your customers an option to make purchases through your website. Able Sense shares how you can use Shopify as an e-commerce tool.

      In this webinar, Able Sense will:

      • instruct businesses not currently selling online on how Shopify works and how they can implement it in their own businesses
      • provide examples of how local businesses, reliant on foot traffic, have adapted to sell their product online to stay connected to their customer-base
      • outline the services they offer to integrate Shopify into your business as one option for e-commerce

      You can also read the recap of the presentation by Able Sense.