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Lobster Feast Experience at Cape d'Or Lighthouse

Experience Development

The Experience Development team is focused on the development of new world class experiences, primarily in partnership with the private sector. Strong emphasis is placed on using market research and insights to initiate and influence development of experiences that will appeal to our visitors.

Travel is not just about where you’ve been anymore – it’s about what you did while you were there, how it made you feel, the people you met and the memories you took home. A product is what you buy; an experience is what you remember.

Differentiating experiences distinguish Nova Scotia from other travel destinations. Through crafted experiential tourism opportunities, our visitors are provided with unique, entertaining, and/or educational activities that make it possible for them to have a personal connection to Nova Scotia and its people. It's about visitors becoming active participants, trying a new skill, learning about who we are or how we live, or challenging themselves. It is about meeting the locals – the chefs, fishers, farmers, artisans, guides, musicians, storytellers, and people in our communities across the province that have a special skill to share or an interesting story to tell and who help make Nova Scotia a great place to live and visit.

To create or improve your experience, review our experience criteria and use our award-winning resource, Experience Nova Scotia: A Toolkit to create or improve your experience. These additional resources may assist you in developing experiences:

To inquire about experience development, please contact the Experience Development team:

Nick Fry
Tourism Development Advisor
T: (902) 798-6767

Heather Yule
Manager, Experience Development
T: (902) 798-6768

Erin Hume
Tourism Development Advisor
T: (902) 798-6769

Katherine Wadden
Tourism Development Advisor
T: (902) 798-6771