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How Occupancy Data Can Help You Start or Expand Your Business

Friday, July 6, 2018

Accommodation statistics are the best source of geographic data on tourism activity in the province.

Each month, Nova Scotia’s licensed accommodations and campgrounds are required to share occupancy information with Tourism Nova Scotia. The reports include the number of rooms they sold, the number of rooms they had available, the number of people who stayed at their property and the percentage of guests who were travelling for business, pleasure, convention or with a motor coach. This data provides valuable information on performance and trends within the sector, and is important to both industry and government.

The data submitted by operators was a key part of determining where there may be need for additional accommodations in our Accommodations Needs Assessment, and helps our sector development team provide guidance to clients.

But Tourism Nova Scotia isn’t the only one who can use occupancy data. Our research team can provide data on an aggregate basis to help industry with business planning.  For example, an entrepreneur who is considering opening a hotel in Antigonish can request a report on accommodation rates in the Northumberland Shore area.  This information can help the business owner determine whether there is a business case for the project, and how many rooms could likely be filled in each season.

A tour operator might be interested to know how many visitors are spending the night in a certain region to help plan tours or locate partners to coordinate travel packages.

Municipalities also use occupancy reports to determine accommodation needs and to help inform community tourism plans.

To protect our partners’ privacy, individual property information is kept strictly confidential. Occupancy data is only provided in a collective format so no single property’s data is identifiable.

For more information about occupancy reporting and how to request a report from the research team, visit > Research > Occupancy Reporting.

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