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2023 Fall Advertising Campaigns

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Tourism Nova Scotia runs advertising campaigns to encourage travel to and within Nova Scotia. We launched two fall advertising campaigns to inspire people to spend their vacation time and money in communities throughout the province this fall.

Your Ocean Playground Fall Campaign

Your Ocean Playground Fall Campaign is running from September 5 to October 14 in Ontario to highlight the breadth of things to see and do in Nova Scotia this fall. The campaign includes YouTube video ads, digital display ads, and social media ads directing people to a landing page to book their fall getaway. Here are some examples:


Social Media

Two women in a pub with three musicians in the backgroundA hotel located beside a beach with a lake and trees in the background

Display Ad

Three ads side by side displaying a car on the road driving on next to a cliff

Compelling Tourism Communities Digital Marketing Program Campaign 

The Compelling Tourism Communities fall digital marketing campaign is running from September 5 to October 31 in Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. The campaign focuses on promoting fall visitation and building awareness of Nova Scotia’s lesser-known communities through highlighting events, outdoor adventure activities, wineries, culinary experiences, accommodations, and more. Tactics include digital video ads on YouTube and streaming services, digital display ads, and social media ads. Here are some examples:


Display Ads

Three images - one displaying a three person musical group, one displaying two plates of colourful food, and one displaying two people on bikes on a trail

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