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#TNSHeretoHelp - Heather Yule

Our team is passionate about Nova Scotia and passionate about growing Nova Scotia’s tourism industry, especially as we work to recover and rebuild from the impacts of COVID-19. Through research, business resources, training, experience development coaching, and marketing programs, we’re here to help. 

Heather Yule

Heather Yule is the Experience Development Manager at Tourism Nova Scotia. Tourism experiences are packaged activities that allow travellers to personally connect to a region or area’s unique stories, places, and flavours. She is focused on the development of tourism experiences, primarily in partnership with the private sector.

Ask her how your business can use market research and insights to create experiences that will appeal to target travellers and check out the Nova Scotia Experience Toolkit for a step-by-step guide:

Check out her webinar Use New Tourism Nova Scotia Research to Tailor Your Experiences to Appeal to Regional Visitors. Details here:

Image of Heather Yule