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Cape Forchu Lighthouse at night

Tourism Forging Forward – Stories of Adaptation and Innovation

Monday, October 19, 2020

There’s no question, this has been a rough year for tourism here in Nova Scotia, and around the world. We know that it could be some time before travel habits return to some resemblance of normal, and many things will be forever changed. But tourism businesses have taken in the situation and looked for the opportunities to adapt and innovate so they can not only survive this difficult time but come through it stronger than ever.

As we look across the province, we see so many examples of businesses that have altered their marketing and products to attract new customers. We see festivals, restaurants, accommodations, and tour companies that have adapted to new regulations and customer expectations. We see tourism businesses forging forward.

We are so inspired by the ingenuity and perseverance shown by businesses all over Nova Scotia - many of them are small businesses. So to mark Small Business Week, we’re launching the Tourism Forging Forward series to share stories about how tourism businesses are adapting and innovating to thrive in the COVID-19 tourism environment. We hope this series will inspire you as well! Keep an eye on our inTouch blog for stories.

We want to hear your story, too. If you’ve done something innovative to help your business adapt and grow, let us know at

If you’re looking for support to put your ideas into action, check out these resources: