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Tourism Nova Scotia Closes its Dartmouth Distribution Centre

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Tourism Nova Scotia (TNS) has closed its literature distribution centre at 10 Acadia St. Dartmouth effective today, January 15, 2019.   The building will be torn down this winter to allow for the expansion of Dartmouth General Hospital.  Given the seasonal and declining demand for tourism literature, TNS has made a business decision to stop operating a distribution centre. This will allow the organization to focus on activities aimed at attracting visitors to the province and growing tourism revenues.

TNS is in the process of finalizing how the Doers & Dreamers Travel Guide and maps will be shipped in 2019 to travellers who request them, and to tourism partners and visitor information centres throughout the province.  Partners and visitor information centres will now request bulk orders of the Doers and Dreamers Travel Guides and maps through an online order form on

The closure of the distribution centre means TNS will no longer distribute literature for the industry.  Businesses and organizations that print tourism guides and brochures will be responsible for arranging and paying to ship their materials directly to visitor information centres throughout the province. To help with this transition, we have updated our corporate website, with contact information and guidelines for displaying brochures and travel guides in Tourism Nova Scotia’s provincial visitor information centres.  We will also share contact information for community visitor information centres.

TNS encourages you to reach out directly to provincial and community visitor information centres to determine which ones are willing and best positioned to promote your offering to visitors. At the same time, you can determine shipment quantities and delivery options.

Please see the FAQ for more information.

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